In Mumbai, a solemn ceremony for diesel-electric submarines of the Indian Navy “Sindurakshak”, renovated in the center of repair “Zvezdochka”

30.04.2013 Arms-expo
The solemn ceremony for a diesel-electric submarine (SSK of) the Indian Navy “Sindurakshak”, renovated and modernized in Severodvinsk center of repairing “Zvezdochka”, held today, April 29, 2013, in the Indian port of Mumbai.

Participating in the ceremony:
CEO of ” Zvezdochka” Vladimir Nikitin
Representatives of the Embassy and the Consulate General of Russia
senior employees of the Group of Russian military experts in India of Rear Admiral Litenkov

Submarine “Sindurakshak” Project 877 EKM (NATO – Kilo) was laid down on one of the oldest Russian shipbuilding companies – “Admiralty Shipyards” (St. Petersburg) in 1995 for the Indian Navy.

The submarine start from Russia to India in January 2013. “Sindurakshak” accompanied by Russian icebreakers through the Northern Sea Route – the first of its transition, made in the ice conditions.

The contract for the performance of medium repair and modernization of diesel-electric submarines “Sindurakshak” was signed on June 4, 2010. This is the fifth Indian ship, the last upgrade at the “Zvezdochka”

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