Russia Restored Rare Aircrafts


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“Russian aviation company” is preparing to fly the legendary route “Alaska-Siberia”. During the Great Patriotic War the US supplied the USSR herewith lend-lease. Memorable event is timed to the 70th anniversary of the Great Victory. To this date the re-enactors of the company also plan to restore a number of vintage aircraft. The project was approved in the Federal Air Transport Agency and the Defense Ministry of Russia.

One of the aircraft, which will be restored – a Soviet MiG-3, called by fascists “air tank”. The plane was shot down in a dogfight near Murmansk in September 1941. He made a hard landing and miraculously remained virtually intact.

Rare aircrafts will make a flight from the USA to Russia by Krasnoyarsk airway “AlSib” in 2015.


British WW II Veteran Gives His Arctic Convoy Medal to Russia

British WW II   Veteran  Gives His Arctic Convoy Medal to Russia

MOSCOW, November 29 (RIA Novosti) – A British war veteran involved in shipping military supplies to the Soviet Union by sea during World War II on Friday presented his recently awarded medal for his role in the campaign to Russia.

James Pitts, 89, handed his Arctic Star to Moscow’s Museum of the Great Patriotic War, the museum said on its website.

Pitts was on two Arctic Convoys that shipped British and US supplies across the Norwegian Sea and the Arctic Ocean to the Soviets during World War II under the constant threat of attacks by Nazi Germany’s navy, the Kriegsmarine.

In 2012, the British government established a number of awards for World War II campaigns, including the Arctic Star for people who participated in campaigns above the Arctic Circle.

Many veterans have volunteered to hand over their Arctic Stars to Russia in a sign of recognition of the Soviet Union’s input in the war, the museum said.

The veterans drew lots to choose who would part with their medal, which was then taken to Russia by ship from London, retracing the Arctic Convoy’s route.

Pitts flew to Moscow with his fellow veterans for the handover ceremony and a tour of Moscow, the museum said.

Russia, Germany seek closer defence ties – minister

Russia, Germany seek closer defence ties  - minister

MOSCOW, August 3 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian and German defense ministries are interested in improving bilateral ties, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Saturday.

“Contacts between our ministries, between our countries have advanced in recent years,” he said during a meeting with his German counterpart Thomas de Maiziere ahead of the inauguration of a new cemetery for Wehrmacht soldiers killed in World War II, in the town of Dukhovshchina, near the city of Smolensk in western Russia.

Regular meetings between Russian and German defense officials point to “a mutual interest in deepening bilateral contacts,” Shoigu said.

“It is our common task to consolidate friendly relations between Russia and Germany,” he said.