Spending for Russian weaponry factored into Indonesia’s budget — ambassador

Russian Politics & Society's photo.
August 14 – Spending for the purchases of Russian weaponry has been factored in the Indonesia’s budget for 2015/2016, the Indonesian ambassador to Moscow, Djauhari Oratmangun, told a news conference on Thursday.
To ensure integrity of a country consisting of more than 17,000 islands, specialized security measures are needed, the ambassador said.
He pointed out his country’s plans to build up its defense capability in the coming years so as to be able to guarantee its territorial integrity and sovereignty and Russia would be a closest partner in this context, as usual.
The ambassador said a Sukhoi jet piloted by an Indonesian crew, and the Indonesian Air Force has the Sukhoi Su-27s and Su-30s of various modifications on its tables of equipment, had excelled in fulfilling the combat tasks in the course of a recent testing. It made a sortie to the Indonesian border within a shortest possible time limit and accomplished the operational task promptly.
The Indonesian government has already factored the monies for purchasing Russian defense technologies, including jets, into the budget for the 2015/2016 fiscal years.
The diplomat expressed hope all the plans for weaponry purchases would materialize, although the Indonesian government had to take account of the current economic situation, the climbing US dollar and the pursuant ongoing weakening of the Russian and Indonesian national currencies.
The Indonesian and Russian authorities are also discussing supplies of various types of weaponry to the Army and the Navy, Oratmangun said.
“The Chief Commander of the Indonesian Navy has recently made a visit to Russia and he showed interest towards submarines and had a familiarization tour of one of these,” he said.

Mysterious Ukrainian Company Sells NATO Equipment

A Ukrainian weapons system installed on a British Saxon military armored personnel carrier during a presentation of new samples of Ukrainian-made weapons for the Ukrainian Army at a military base in Novi Petrivtsi outside Kiev, Ukraine, Saturday, April 4, 2015

VT Group offers the consumers with more than 2000 different items and has over 40,000 pieces of equipment ranging from road, construction, and track passenger machinery.

VT Group is a Ukrainian company with a unique offer — the possibility of acquiring and operating special engineering machinery as well as various types of NATO equipment.


As the official VT site states, these high quality machines and equipment are reliable and highly efficient. Some of them are one of a kind. They have no parallel.The company’s catalog demonstrates that they are capable of supplying almost every type of construction machinery, as well as airplanes, helicopters, airport equipment, ships, rescue and fire fighting vehicles. In addition to sales, the company provides rental services and rents out its vehicles and machines.

Japan’s defense spending to hit new record in 2015 amid long-running dispute with China


January 14,  TOKYO
The Japanese government approved a record $818 billion state budget for the 2015 fiscal year


TOKYO, January 14. /TASS/. The Japanese government approved on Wednesday a record $818 billion state budget for the 2015 fiscal year which runs from April 1 to March 31, a 0.4% increase compared with last year.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told a press conference the budget will help achieve the key goal of restoring the country’s economy and rehabilitating the financial system.

Defense spending will hit a record $41.7 billion rising for a third straight year, amid a long-running maritime dispute with China.

Tokyo has already announced plans to purchase 20 maritime patrol aircraft, five crossover aircraft, and six stealth fighters.

Abe said social spending is expected to rise to $263 billion. The government also expects a 10% increase in tax proceeds to a maximum level over the past two decades – $463.2 billion.

According to the country’s Finance Ministry, by March 2015 Japan’s national debt is expected to hit $12 trillion.

The cabinet will later submit the budget to the parliament.

Russian Exports of Precision Weapons Unaffected by Western Sanctions – Arms Manufacturer

Russian Exports of Precision Weapons Unaffected by Western Sanctions – Arms Manufacturer

Russian Military Technologies 16.06.2014

June 16 – All contracts with foreign partners to supply high-precision weapons remain in force, despite the anti-Russian sanctions, CEO of Russian arms manufacturing company said.
“The vast majority of our foreign contractors did not support the efforts of the US and Europe to escalate tensions in the interstate relations with Russia. All our contracts are still in place,” High-Precision Systems CEO Alexander Denisov said.
The events in Ukraine have complicated the work of enterprises as a whole, including the domestic military-industrial complex, Denisov said.
“However, we are stabilizing the situation due to import substitution, certain change of format of the cooperation between suppliers of component products. Sanctions will not affect us the way their ideologists hoped for. Rather, the effect will be reverse,” the CEO assured.
The High-Precision Systems holding manufactures a wide range of weapons, from Stechkin revolvers and Pantsir-S1 anti-aircraft artillery weapon systems to automated control features and T-90 battle tanks crew simulators. The company supplies its products to dozens of countries, particularly to Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).
On March 20th, following Crimea’s referendum to rejoin the Russian Federation, the US and Europe began levying sanctions on individuals tied to President Vladimir Putin, including asset freezes, visa bans, and other travel restrictions.
In addition, the G7 countries have threatened to impose sanctions against several sectors of Russian economy in the event of an escalation of the Ukrainian crisis.

Russia reported about arms export in 2013

Russia  reported  about  arms export  in 2013

11.02.2014 Lenta.ru
The volume of Russian supplies of arms and military equipment in 2013 amounted to 15.7 billion dollars. On this, as reported by ITAR-TASS, the deputy director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia Vyacheslav Dzirkaln. Of this amount, 4.78 billion dollars came from India. Stock of orders of Russian weapons at the beginning of February 2014 reached $ 40 billion

Steven Seagal plans to advertise weapons of concern ” Kalashnikov ” at exhibition in Las Vegas , but no any contract with the actor yet

Steven Seagal plans to advertise weapons concern

PARIS, October 21. ( ARMS-TASS ) . Famous American actor and producer Steven Seagal is going to visit the armory show ” Gang Show ” , which will be held in January next year in Las Vegas . During his visit, the actor is going to take part in advertising of weapons of concern ” Kalashnikov ” , which will have exposition at the show. CEO of concern ” Kalashnikov ” Konstantin Bulgakov said in an interview with Itar-Tass on the 18th International Exhibition of State Security ” MILIPOL 2013 “.

” The preliminary agreement with Segal exists, as he himself expressed the wish to visit our exposition to advertise Russian weapons . However, while no any specific agreements with the actor has been signed and no conditions of a possible contract were discussed ,” – the head of the concern said.

The latest Russian non-lethal weapon – an electroshock-gun of companies group “MART” on show “MILIPOL 2013”

PARIS, November 20. (ARMS-TASS). Group of companies “MART” presented at the 18th International Exhibition of State Security “MILIPOL 2013 ‘newest electroshock-gun – AIR (Autonomous spark gap),” M-140 “. This is the most recent Russian non-lethal weapons can be used in contact and remote modes, neutralizing the attacker for up to 10 minutes.

The new gun has caused great interest among experts for its performance. At the gun , in particular, there is a LED to illuminate the enemy and achieve a better -targeting . Intended time to neutralize the impact of the attacker without causing serious health consequences is 3 seconds . It is controlled by a special sound sensor.

In the gun there is light display which reflects all of the information about the modes of application and charge the battery.

According to experts , the gun is extremely easy to use, recharged from the mains voltage of 220 volts. Continuously for up to 150 shots