UK ‘Probably Will Be Driven to’ Arming Ukraine – Former Ambassador

UK may be compelled to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, former ambassador says


Former UK ambassador to Russia Sir Andrew Wood says UK may be compelled to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, if its continues to perceive a threat from Russia.

WASHINGTON (Sputnik), Leandra Bernstein – The United Kingdom (UK) may be compelled to provide Ukraine with lethal weapons, if its continues to perceive a threat from Russia, former UK ambassador to Russia Sir Andrew Wood told Sputnik.

“I think we [the UK] probably will be driven to that if Russia continues its rather aggressive policies in Ukraine,” Wood said on Tuesday of providing defensive weapons to Ukraine.

The UK, the United States and Canada have each provided the Ukrainian military with training, advisors and limited military hardware. The White House has so far been reluctant to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine, despite intense pressure from the US Congress.

Asked whether the UK would provide such weapons without the United States taking the first step, Wood stated the “the UK would consider doing anything, if the situation warranted.”

NATO allies have discussed providing weapons for Ukraine to defend itself against alleged Russian aggression.

Russian officials have denied military involvement in Ukraine, and have insisted that the conflict in Ukraine be resolved diplomatically.

Other NATO member states, including Germany and Italy, have opposed flooding Ukraine with weapons, arguing it would fuel the ongoing conflict.



“Antonov” without Kiva . For what the head of concern fired ?

17.04.2014 Liga Business Inform (Ukraine)

Who will replace the legendary aircraft manufacturer ? It is still unknown , but the new leader of ” Antonov” have to learn to survive without Russian projects

On Wednesday, the ninth day of April , the Cabinet of Ministers dismissed the chairman of the State Aircraft Building Concern Antonov, Dmitry Kiva. An executive order issued on Sunday . Legendary aircraft builder led the company for more than five years.
The dismissal was quite predictable – the change of personnel being held in almost all the major state-owned enterprises , the transport industry expert Alexander Kava sais . At the same time the replacing often have no relation with the performance of the enterprises themselves , the head of the supervisory board of Motor Sich Anatoly Malish said. “I can guess what Kiva dismissal is not related to his professional activities. There are subjectivity in appointments and dismissals ,” – he says.
Antonov is not always enough money. For 2012 net profit of the main companies of the concern – GP Antonov – decreased by 80 % to 39.3 million UAH, 2013 – 39.05 million UAH . Concern hopes the public funds, but the government has been slow to allocate them .
As a result, Antonov can not fulfill orders already taken . For example, last year the company received an order from the Ministry of Defence for five An- 70 , but due to lack of working capital the project suspended .
Besides Kiva focused on the development of cooperation with Russia , in the light of current relations with Russia it is a problem. Most projects of Antonov are joint and without of Russian companies the concern will be able practically nothing to produce , CEO of consulting company FAS Alexander Lanetsky sais .

Rogozin: Russian-Ukrainian industrial group suspended until Ukraine forms new government

Rogozin: Russian-Ukrainian industrial group suspended until Ukraine forms new government

Earlier, Rogozin planned to hold the group’s meeting on February 20

MOSCOW, March 01. /ITAR-TASS/. The Russian-Ukrainian industrial group has suspended its activity until a new government has been formed in Ukraine, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said in his microblog in Twitter.

“The operation of the Russian-Ukrainian high level industrial group has been paused until a legitimate government is formed in Kiev,” Rogozin said.

Earlier, Rogozin planned to hold the group’s meeting on February 20. In the wake of the latest developments in Ukraine the visit was postponed indefinitely

Ukrainian and Russian governmental delegation visited a number of defense enterprises of Ukraine

Ukrainian and Russian governmental delegation visited a number of defense enterprises of Ukraine

04/12/2013 TSAMTO
Ukrainian and Russian governmental delegation headed by the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Yuriy Boyko and Deputy Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Rogozin, December 2 visited Ukrainian enterprises whose products are intended for export , including export for the Russian market .

According to a government web portal , the delegation visited a number of enterprises in Nikolaev , Zaporozhye and Dnepropetrovsk. The sides discussed topical issues of industrial cooperation in several areas – shipbuilding , aviation industry , space industry , instrumentation and mechanical engineering.

In particular, the issues of cooperation in the space sector were discussed during the visit of Ukrainian and Russian delegations to the State Enterprise ” Production Association” Yuzhny Machine-Building Plant named after A. Makarov “and SE” Design Bureau “Yuzhnoe” named after M.K.Yangelya . ”

“The purpose of today’s presentation – is to show our capabilities , to interest our colleagues in expanding cooperation for the benefit of our countries ,” – said Boyko .

” Yuzhmash ” – is a unique enterprise , with huge potential. Today, Russia is on the verge of great change , and in this regard we are ready for the most flexible steps in terms of increasing cooperation. We are ready to go as far as you are ready to go , “- said in turn , Dmitry Rogozin .

The Russian delegation appreciated the potential of Ukrainian enterprises, their technical equipment , have expressed interest in establishing closer ties with the Ukrainian producers and discussed with the Ukrainian side the prospects of further expansion of cooperation

The Polish company began licensed production of Ukrainian BTR “Dozor-B”

20/08/2013 TSAMTO
According to “Jane’s Defence Weekly”, the Polish company “Mista» started licensed production of armored vehicles “Dozor-B” in the version of APC and is in the final stages of signing a contract for its delivery to the first foreign customer.

The Polish version of “Dozor-B” will be called “Ocilla”, and will be modified for NATO standards for ballistic and mine protection. The first prototype was built in late July with the components set by the Ukrainian side.

Russia wants to take care of “Ruslan” by itself

14.08.2013 Prime
Russian airlines may stop paying Ukrainian “Antonov” for the modernization and extension of airworthiness for heavy transport aircraft An-124 “Ruslan” “Vedomosti” wrote , with reference to the Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Yuri Slusar and principal designer of “IL” Viktor Livanov.

Abandon the “services” of the Ukrainian side Russian aircraft will be able to due to the ratification of the changes in the rules of the Interstate Aviation Committee (IAC), the participants of which are CIS countries. According to the paper it will be discussed at a meeting with Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin.

The amendments that were made to the documents IAC late last year, let design office independently to renew the airworthiness of the aircraft and carry out their modernization. As a source told, the ratification of the amendments that have already been adopted by Kazakhstan, will change the situation in which Russian companies have to pay $ 30 million yearly to Ukraina “for shifting pieces of paper” and design extension of airworthiness.

Iraq refused to accept the rejected Ukrainian BTR-4

Iraq refused to accept the rejected Ukrainian BTR-4

05.08.2013 Military-Industrial Courier
Singaporean ship SE PACIFICA with Ukrainian armored vehicles during three months is in the neutral waters of the Persian Gulf, because the authorities in Baghdad refuse to accept it. It violates the contract between Ukraine and Iraq to sell nearly 450 pieces of military equipment.

According to the Odessa portal “”, most of the military vehicles are armored personnel carriers BTR-4, issued at the Kharkov Transport Machine-Building Plant named after Malyshev.

According to the source portal, 42 units of cargo have cracks in the hull and found defective by the Iraqis, because of what they do not agree to unload them on the shore.

Ukrspecexport, Ukroboronservis and the company “Progress” refuse to pay demurrage.

The owners of the vessel SE PACIFICA say they are ready to unload military equipment at the Port of any other country, and to petition the arrest of cargo.