Russia and Iran to mull UAC producing Tu-204SM planes in Iran Tue

09.09.2014   Siberian Insider

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A Russia-Iran intergovernmental commission will discuss whether United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will organize the production of Tu-204SM planes in Iran on Tuesday, an Iran federal government official told PRIME.

“The possibility of organizing the production of Tu-204SM planes in Iran is in the agenda of the intergovernmental commission. However, it is not the first time the issue has been discussed in this or that form,” the official familiar with the agenda said.

UAC declined to comment.

The contract, under which UAC was to supply Tu-204SMs to Iran was blocked several years ago due to the US position, as the rights for the engine installed on the plane were owned by Pratt & Whitney. In February, Deputy Industry and Trade Minister Yury Slyusar said Russia has bought the rights for the engine.