Russia offers upgrade of T-72 and T-90S tanks to India — manufacturer

Russian Military Technologies's photo.

Russia has submitted its proposals to India for an upgrade of the Indian Army’s T-72 and T-90S tanks, Uralvagonzavod Director General Oleg Siyenko said.
“India said it was going to upgrade many of its tanks – both T-72s and T-90S’s. We have submitted our proposals on the upgrade packages for both,” he said.
“Now, the ball is on India’s side, the [decision-making] process is under way, and [our positions] are converging,” he added.
Siyenko reminded journalists that India had the assembly facility that Russia had helped it to establish. “T-90S tanks are assembled there from our knockdown kits”, the Uralvagonzavod head added. He underlined that the manufacturer was willing to both upgrade the in-service tanks and deliver brand-new complete armored vehicles.
“Indians and we conducted rather successful tests that we are pleased with,” Siyenko said. “India has been offered many upgrade options within the framework of the joint venture.”
According to Uralvagonzavod, two T-72 upgrade variants had been offered to the Indian Ministry of Defense. Should they be implemented, the most numerous tank of today, the T-72, will become on a par with the world’s best tanks. The upgrade proposals are especially relevant in the light of the latest military conflicts fought mostly in urban terrain.
“We have offered two T-72 upgrade projects to India. One provides for equipping the tank with a set of protections for the tank’s and its crew’s survivability in urban terrain, where antitank weapons, including radio-controlled explosive devices, are widely used,” the manufacturer’s director general said.
The other project is about fitting out the T-72 with the Arena-E active protection system. The Arena-E offers all-round protection from incoming antitank weapons – antitank rockets, high-explosive projectiles and antitank missiles, including the top-attack shells.
Valery Kashin, dual-hatted as director general and general designer of the KBM design bureau, told that the manufacturer had improved the Arena much. Now, the system is promoted on the market as part of the upgrade package for the T-72. The Arena’s components, electronics and computers were changed, and the system was modified to meet Uralvagonzavod’s requirements. It became far more compact and miniaturized.

Circus with tanks

20/08/2014 The business newspaper “The View”, quotation

The immediate catalyst for conversations about selling of  the weapons from old stocks of the former Warsaw Pact  to Ukraine, it is  a strange story in Hungary, where local bloggers photographed the  trainload of tanks T-72, moving by rail in the direction to Ukraine. And it is the Ukraine, because  it is impossible to turn to any other direction  – rails rest on the result against  the border point Zahon (aka Ukrainian Chop). Pretty soon it became clear that this is indeed the Hungarian tanks, which the Ministry of Defence of Hungary quite legally sold by tender (№ S14N08)  to some firm – Excalibur Defense KFT. This firm is registered in Székesfehérvár, outdoors Bakony, Building 4 with a registered capital of 500,000 forints. In the column “profit” for 2013 in its reporting was listed round zero. There is evidence that its founders are few citizens of the Czech Republic.

Hungarian community  interests in this story even not in  the fact of sale older tank to  somewhere (and so it is clear that the only neighboring country, which they generally may be needed – Ukraine) , but  in the price received from it. Structural unit of the Ministry of Defence of Hungary, which is responsible for  the tender, to gain from the sale of the first batch (22 tanks) 40.2 million forints, that is actually in the price of scrap metal.  And the whole “Excalibur” received 58 tanks at a cost of one hundred times smaller than even (not market but) selling prise. In this case on  the image can be clearly seen that the tanks have been prepared for sale. They are  repainted and almost polished. It somehow does not tally with the performance in the Czech press of a representative of the “Excalibur” Andrew Chirtek  saying that the tanks were bought from the Hungarian Ministry of Defence for their future “dismantling”.

  Everyone was surprised  and with  the route by which the tanks moved from Hungary – in the opposite direction from the Czech Republic. Defense Ministry explained this “logistics” – from bases in Kalocsa train was moving through the Nyíregyháza, where they were  photographed, to another base – in Nirteleke – to fulfill some formalities. That is the principle of “digging a ditch from the fence until lunch” flawlessly still works and in the Hungarian army, in spite of all NATO standards. But why re-paint something that is destined to become scrap metal?

The same firm won the second tender for the purchase of 24 MiG-29, which  can not be called  as scrap. Not to mention the helicopters. And all this with the delivery to the end of August. In this case, from the formal point of view, the  everything seems to be fine. The  tender was announced in advance, there are references to the relevant Hungarian regulatory documents and other “European standards.”

 In this scheme, there is nothing new. The Hungarian Government is not willing to supply openly Ukraine with heavy weapons. But nobody against to earn extra five cents on the old trash, by selling this trash to civil mediators-adventurers from another country. And what do they will do with it – Budapest  formally  das not care. Old trick circus dogs. Yes, all our political position opposite, but the door  will be slightly ajar. A 5% move, please, to the account of any firm “Swindlers and Spies Inc..” In Liechtenstein. And profit  of lovely gentlemen from the Czech Republic will be an astronomical amount, because Kiev generally do not care how much to pay – this is in fact the American money.

 In addition, the quality of  ammunition from ancient reserves of the Warsaw Pact, to put it mildly,is not very good. Bulgarian mines, for example, tend not to explode, but somehow screwed into asphalt up to the  stabilizer. And Bulgaria – one of the largest suppliers of this stuff. Prague  – one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of weapons – has long been firmly turned (along with Budapest) to the informal center for illegal arms trade, and all of these chains are in control of dozens of foreign intelligence agencies and specialized agencies. And sooner or later, any of these chains with a great noise will be  revealed.

 Underhand delivery to Kiev  of substandard equipment and ammunition of the old nomenclature can only briefly delay the end of the war. In this case, the responsibility for the deaths lies on the supplier, but as we see in the case of Hungary, the governments  and politics prefer not to participate  directly in the arms trade . A private individual conscience – a piece  of twilight. This, of course, not the first and not the last case, with a wide field for activity of numerous intelligence and counter-intelligence   and  for  sudden enrichment of adventurers. But the war ever end, the bodies of adventurers will be took out of  Danube, and it will become clear  that it was all useless.

Thanks to the ” Relicts ” the Algerian T-72 will be the most secure among all T-72 in the world

Thanks to the

03/14/2014 Herald of Mordovia

With a fleet of 325 T-72 , the Algerian command looks for a long time , with the help of whom they could upgrade their tanks. In the end, the choice was made for Russia .

Upgraded with the help of Nizhny Tagil the 250 T-72M1 got multichannel sight ” Sosna-U ” with thermal imager and automatic target tracker , the commander’s sight TKN- 4 , and remotely controlled anti-aircraft machine gun .

In addition, the options list includes new means of communication, elements of a complex optical-electronic suppression ” Blind ” and air conditioning.
And , apparently , Algeria will become the first country with tanks which receive a new dynamic protection generation ” Relic ” .

Ukraine continues to implement the contract with Ethiopia for the supply of MBT T -72

Ukraine continues to implement the contract with Ethiopia for the supply of MBT T -72

TSAMTO , November 7.
Ukraine continues to supply the armed forces of Ethiopia’s with main battle tank T- 72. Shipping MBT to customer is under contract for the supply of 200 T-72 tanks , which was signed in June 2011 with GC ” Ukrspecexport .”

According to ” Jane’s Defence Weekly ,” on satellite photos taken on August 24 in Port Oktjabrsk , were captured 16 tanks and other equipment prepared for shipment. Presumably, this batch of tanks was loaded onto a transport vessel ” Ocean Power ,” which departed on September 7 to the port of Djibouti .

An agreement signed in 2011 , which cost more than $ 100 million , has become one of the largest contracts signed by the Ukrainian special exporter for the last 15 years.

Over the past ten years, Azerbaijan has purchased 264 battle tanks

Over the past ten years, Azerbaijan has purchased 264 battle tanks

01.11.2013 APA (Azerbaijan)
In the 2002-2012 years. Azerbaijan purchased 264 battle tanks . APA reports that in the United Nations Register of Conventional Arms stated that over the last ten years, Azerbaijan has bought tanks in Belarus, Ukraine , Russia and Slovakia.

In the report is not mentioned ​​T-90S tanks , which Azerbaijan purchased in Russia in 2013. It is reported that Azerbaijan has ordered 100 T-90S tanks .

According to statistics from the Register, 2002-2012 gg. Azerbaijan purchased 153 in Belarus , in Russia – 62 , Ukraine – 48 , Slovakia – 1 battle tank . The bulk of them are T-72 tanks

Updated T -72 will be in demand in the market

Updated T -72 will be in demand in the market

16/10/2013 Military- Industrial Courier
Scientific and Production Corporation ” Uralvagonzavod” believes that the new variants of modernization of the T -72 will have a commercial success

The exhibition Russian Arms EXPO 2013 in Nizhny Tagil the Corporation firstly introduced two new variants of modernization of T -72 .
The first model is equipped with a modification of the export complex of active defense (KAZ ) “Arena -E” . The system provides protection from damaging elements moving with a speed from 70 to 1000 meters per second. It can provide a high level of protection against RPG-7 anti-tank and a number of shells and rockets
The second sample is a modification of the T -72 for combat in urban environments. It equipped with an active armor that protects the hull , turret and chassis. The rear of the turret and hull protected by grid armor to improve the protection of the tank grenade RPG- 7. The system of ” Tucha ” provides a smoke-screens .
The main armament of both modernized tanks are 2A46M gun , coaxial machine gun PKTM and anti-aircraft NSVT . The changes were made in electronic equipment as well. It was installed an improved complex with a sight of day and night vision , laser range finder and laser- capture target .

40 years from the date of adopting the MBT T-72

40 years from the date of adopting the MBT T-72

08.08.2013 TSAMTO
40 years from the date of adopting (7 August 1973), the T-72. MBT T-72 is recognized as the best tank of the last quarter of the XX century and is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most popular tank . The post dedicated to the anniversary date, posted on the website of “Uralvagonzavod”.

T-72 was an epoch in the domestic and world tank manufacturing. It combines effective “price-quality” with the reserves of deep modernization.

T-72 – the only one of the third generation Soviet tanks, the supply of which for exports were started ​​after only five years after the adoption of the Soviet Army. Through this the Ural tank became the basis armored units for many foreign armies. Various modifications MBT T-72 is in service in the armies of more than 40 countries