US Expands Military Presence at Spanish Naval Base

These are the first American ships home-ported here since Polaris-missile submarines left in the 1970s, US base officials said in a statement from the Defense Department.

The US Defense Department has announced the addition of two more ballistic missile ships to its base in Europe, with up to 3,000 more servicemen being deployed.


MOSCOW, December 7 (Sputnik) – the US is increasing military presence at its naval base in Rota, southern Spain, adding two more ships equipped with the Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense System to its fleet.”These are the first American ships home-ported here since Polaris-missile submarines left in the 1970s,” US base officials said in a statement from the Defense Department. “Two American Aegis-equipped frigates now call Rota home and two more are scheduled to join them next year,” the statement detailed.

The Aegis BMD system is fitted with anti-ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets at short range inside the Earth’s atmosphere, and short to intermediate range targets above the atmosphere. In 2008 the Pentagon announced it had succeeded in using the Aegis system to destroy a decaying US intelligence satellite orbiting the Earth.

US military officials said in the press release that as well as having proximity to areas of conflict like Libya, West Africa and the Middle East, ships based in the port “are also closer to the Black Sea that the USS Ross entered in September to reassure NATO allies in the wake of Russia’s annexation of Crimea and its aggression in eastern Ukraine.”

In Sunday’s announcement, the US military said the current expansion was first planned as a result of a 2010 NATO agreement to increase ballistic missile protection for Europe. US Navy Captain Greg Pekari said the US ships and crew in the port “are doing whatever the U.S. and NATO need to do to protect and guard our allies,” and that the current 4,000 US service member at the base is set to grow in number: “The expectation is we are going to increase by 2,500 to 3,000 Americans over the next couple of years,” the captain said.

There is information in press about unloading in Kharkov airport of two American military transport C-130 MLRS

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09/10/2014 Military Review

News portal “Novorossia” with reference to the local residents reported that in the airport of Kharkiv it landed two military transport aircraft the USAF C-130 «Hercules», which brought to  Ukraine  the  multiple launch rocket systems. We are talking about setting LAROM (Romania) and 3 Teruel (Spain).

It is reported that in addition to rocket launchers, it  were unloaded the  ammunition.

From the report of the agency: After that, multiple rocket launchers moved by own power on the bypass road in the direction of Starobelska


Two NATO warships enter Black Sea – source

Canada’s frigate Toronto and Spain’s frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon will take part in the international drill Sea Breeze-2014


MOSCOW, September 07 /ITAR-TASS/. Two NATO’s warships – Canada’s frigate Toronto and Spain’s frigate Almirante Juan de Borbon – have entered the Black Sea to take part in the international drill Sea Breeze-2014, a military diplomatic source told ITAR-TASS on Sunday.

“Both ships passed through Bosphorus and entered the Black Sea on Saturday evening,” the source said.

On Friday, September 3, another two NATO warships – as the French Navy Ship Commandant Birot and the U.S. destroyer Ross – entered the Black Sea. France’s ship Dupuy le Lome that had been staying in the Black Sea from August 16 left from the Mediterranean Sea on September 5.

“The NATO ships’ crews will conduct the Sea Breeze exercises from September 8 to September 10. It is expected that along with the four abovementioned ships the drills will involve Turkey’s frigate Oruc Reis, Romania’s frigate Regele Ferdinand and Georgia’s patrol boat Sukhumi,” the source added. “While staying in the Black Sea, the alliance’s warship may call at the ports of Constanta (Romania) and Odessa (Ukraine).”

According to the official website of the Ukrainian defence ministry, Ukraine will commission five warship and support vessels, and two border service’s boats to the exercises. Apart from that, the drills will involve planes and helicopters of the Ukrainian armed forces’ naval aviation. The drills will be monitored by observers from a number of countries, namely Georgia, Norway, Sweden and France.

In line with the Montreaux Convention, warships of non-littoral states cannot stay in the Black Sea for more than 21 days. France’s Dupuy le Lome stayed in the Black Sea 21 days, hence, the convention was not violated.



Argentina refuses to buy the Spanish fighters

Argentina refuses to buy the Spanish fighters

Argentine Defense Ministry intends to withdraw from the purchase of used 16 Spanish fighters Mirage F1M, Jane’s reports with reference to the Argentine military sources. According to the agency, negotiating the purchase of military aircraft stalled and Argentine military began exploring the possibility of buying other fighters

Spain is developing a ” revolutionary new frigate “

Spain is developing a

11/26/2013 Military parity
Spanish Navy plan to replace ships class Santa Maria ( modification of the U.S. missile frigates class Oliver Hazard Perry – approx. “VP” ) , who are approaching end of life ( from 2020 ) by six stealth frigates promising F- 110 , rpdefense.over reports on November 22.

Work commenced in 2010, commissioning of the lead ship is planned in 2025. Multipurpose warships will be built at the shipyard of Navantia, will be operated for 40 years and equipped with unmanned systems for different types of operations at sea , in the air and under water.

Spain has launched a head LCM-1E type landing craft for the Royal Australian Navy

Spain has launched a head   LCM-1E type  landing craft for the Royal Australian Navy

18/09/2013 Military parity

September 16th the company Navantia launched the first landing craft of the 12 ordered by the Royal Australian Navy. The construction of these boats is based on the platform of construction Navantia for the Spanish Navy and commissioned in 2006-08 (such as LCM-1E ), according to a company press release.

According to the contract signed in December 2011, the construction of boats will be conducted in the Navantia shipyard in the Gulf of Cadiz and take 350,000 hours of work.

Landing craft are designed for dealing with the “ships of strategic power projection» ALHD “Canberra” and ALHD “Adelaide”, similar LHD “Juan Carlos I” and also built by Navantia. Commissioning of the first four units is scheduled for April 2014.

Saudi Arabia has signed a contract for the purchase of 40 patrol boats from Spain

Saudi Arabia has signed a contract for the purchase of 40 patrol boats from Spain

16.09.2013 TSAMTO
Saudi Arabia signed an agreement with the Spanish company ” Rodman poliships » for the purchase of 40 of small patrol boats for the Coast Guard and rescue services of the country .

According to ” Jane’s Defence Weekly ” , the value of the agreement amounts to 7.4 million euros (10 million dollars) . Boats must be delivered 19 months after the signing of the contract.

Boat length of 11.3 m was designated as R33 XI. According to the developer , the boats of a new project will provide a high speed, flexibility and high seaworthy .

Boats are equipped with two engines of 350 HP and develop a maximum speed of 50 knots . Range – 230 nautical miles . Crew – 4 people . Boats will be equipped with anchorages for equipping weapons systems .

Order for boats to be distributed among enterprises of the company in Moana and plant ” Metalshipsend paradox ” in Vigo.

Since 2001, ” Rodman poliships ” has shipped more than 80 boats for the Persian Gulf countries , including Oman , Bahrain and Yemen. This number includes 10 high-speed boats of the Coast Guard delivered previously in Saudi Arabia.