Russia and USA to Improve Protection against Space Threats

Russia and USA to Improve Protection against Space Threats

Russian Military Technologies, 30.01.2014

Russia and the United States should pool efforts in the creation of asteroid diversion techniques. This statement was made by Russian Emergency Situations Minister Vladimir Puchkov in a video link with the Administrator of the US Federal Emergency Management Agency.

“The implementation of our agreements will allow us to design an efficient mechanism of protection from asteroids. The Russian Emergency Situations Ministry is set to take practical steps in this field. We plan to elaborate a concept, which will pool efforts for the next generation of new approaches to space threat monitoring, information of the civilian population and minimization of the damage,” the Russian Minister pointed out.

His counterpart, William Craig Fugate, confirmed the necessity of joint work on the asteroid problem. In his opinion, joint efforts will provide the opportunity for dealing with such threats, as this is not a mission either side could accomplish on its own. Mr. Fugate described the lessons Russia learned from the meteorite event in Chelyabinsk as extremely valuable for the United States.