Russian, Indian Troops Destroy ‘Terrorists’ in Drills

Russian and Indian soldiers during the joint anti-terrorist Russian-Indian drills


Russian and Indian troops conducted an exercise operation to destroy contingent terrorists as part of the Indra-2015 international military drills in India’s state of Rajasthan, the press service of Russia’s Southern Military District said Wednesday.

 According to a descriptive statement, a hypothetical group of ten militants captured two residential buildings, the press release said.

“Tactical task of Indian infantry units was to carry out a continuous clearing of the area with the simultaneous narrowing of the blocking ring, which allowed for the inspection of all [people] located in the area of operations,” the statement said.

After watching the Indian team in action, the Russians displayed their approach in fighting terrorists.

In order to achieve suddenness and efficiency for the operation, the Russian command blocked the perimeter, and sent in assault groups to seize certain facilities within the test grounds, according to the statement.Up to 250 Independent Russian Motorized Brigade troops arrived in India over the weekend to take part in the November 7-20 Indra-2015 exercises, focusing on “Counter-Terrorism Operations in Desert Terrain under a United Nations Mandate.” The same number of Indian Army Infantry Battalion soldiers are participating in the drills.

The exercises are expected to move from the first “Combat Conditioning and Tactical Training” phase to the active “Validation” phase on Monday.

Military exercises began in SMD

29.07.2014 , Siberian Insider

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Planned military exercises are being held in Stavropol and Rostov Region. They will last for 3 days. Teachings of this scale are held twice a year. The South Military District exercise in tactical flight involves 30 helicopters, 300 pilots and ground support services specialists. The crews will provide fire support for the advancing tank and infantry units and destroy the conditional enemy’s paratroopers.
At the “Arzgir” range from helicopters there will be held shootings from 23-mm cannons and 12.7-mm machine guns, unguided missiles launches. Pilots will practice the elements of piloting the Mi-24, Mi-8AMTSh, Ka-52, Mi-35, Mi-28N helicopters.