Order of application of space infrastructure in Crimea appointed


The Ministry of Defense of Russia and the Russian space Agency has determined the procedure for the joint use of facilities of military space infrastructure in the Crimea, told reporters in Evpatoria Commander of troops aerospace defense (VKO), Russia Alexander Golovko.

The ceremony of the battle flag 40th separate command-measuring complex forces air space defense took place at noon on the first day of the weekend at the Theater square Evpatoria in the presence of the commander of aerospace defense (VKO), Russia Alexander Golovko, head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov and several thousand citizens.

The part, which was awarded the military flag, was created at the base of the center for deep space communications was established in the USSR, which includes a unique swing-RT-70 radio telescope with the mirror diameter of 70 meters.

“Today we Roscomos Assigned to the shared application object, which develop on one or the other space program,” said Golovko.