Thanks to the ” Relicts ” the Algerian T-72 will be the most secure among all T-72 in the world

Thanks to the

03/14/2014 Herald of Mordovia

With a fleet of 325 T-72 , the Algerian command looks for a long time , with the help of whom they could upgrade their tanks. In the end, the choice was made for Russia .

Upgraded with the help of Nizhny Tagil the 250 T-72M1 got multichannel sight ” Sosna-U ” with thermal imager and automatic target tracker , the commander’s sight TKN- 4 , and remotely controlled anti-aircraft machine gun .

In addition, the options list includes new means of communication, elements of a complex optical-electronic suppression ” Blind ” and air conditioning.
And , apparently , Algeria will become the first country with tanks which receive a new dynamic protection generation ” Relic ” .