Iraq refused to accept the rejected Ukrainian BTR-4

Iraq refused to accept the rejected Ukrainian BTR-4

05.08.2013 Military-Industrial Courier
Singaporean ship SE PACIFICA with Ukrainian armored vehicles during three months is in the neutral waters of the Persian Gulf, because the authorities in Baghdad refuse to accept it. It violates the contract between Ukraine and Iraq to sell nearly 450 pieces of military equipment.

According to the Odessa portal “”, most of the military vehicles are armored personnel carriers BTR-4, issued at the Kharkov Transport Machine-Building Plant named after Malyshev.

According to the source portal, 42 units of cargo have cracks in the hull and found defective by the Iraqis, because of what they do not agree to unload them on the shore.

Ukrspecexport, Ukroboronservis and the company “Progress” refuse to pay demurrage.

The owners of the vessel SE PACIFICA say they are ready to unload military equipment at the Port of any other country, and to petition the arrest of cargo.