Russia to Fully Cover Arctic Radar Field in 2014

29.10.2014  Siderian Insider

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Russia in 2014 will fully cover the Arctic radar field, and in 2015 will be ready “to meet the intruders” from the North and East, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday.

The Minister recalled the expanding of Russia’s military presence in the Arctic and said that at the present time three missions to build the infrastructure are effectuated on the Arctic islands.

Defense Minister also recalled that it was recently began the restoration of airfields on the New Siberian Islands, Franz Josef Land, as well as reconstructed northern airfields Tixi, Naryan-Mar, Alykel, Vorkuta, Anadyr and Rogachevo. All of these actions will allow, according to the Minister, to protect national interests in the region.