Alligators of Western Military District defeated imaginary enemy

29.07.2014, Siberian Insider

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In the Pskov region flight tactical drills, which first involved crews of the attack helicopters Ka-52 from the Army Aviation Unit of the Western Military District, took place.
“During the exercise at the site a simulated enemy armored column was destroyed,” said the press service of the Western Military District.
The maneuvers involved more than ten crews of Ka-52, Mi-8 and Mi-26 of Army Aviation Brigade of the Western Military District. It is noted that it was the first time the Alligators took part in the drills in northwest Russia.
“Attack helicopters delivered an air strike using unguided rockets and cannon weapons against ground targets, indicating the tanks, armored personnel carriers, infantry fighting vehicles and automotive equipment. In the course of combat training tasks pilots used more than 100 different types of ammunition, killing more than 30 different purposes,” informs the district headquarters.

The joint Russian-American manoeuvres to be held in Pskov

The joint Russian-American manoeuvres to be held in Pskov

13.08.2013 Military-Industrial Courier
Between 5 and 9 August on the basis of the 76th Guards Airborne Airborne Division (Pskov), a joint Russian-American conference on the issues of bilateral counter-terrorism exercise, according to Office of the Press and Information at the Ministry of Defense Russian airborne troops.

The main objective of the conference – preliminary clarification of terms and plan joint exercises, coordination of issues of logistics, number of participants from each of the parties, reconnaissance exercise area.

The delegation from the American side was represented by a group of senior officers of the command of the U.S. Army in Europe, the Russian side was represented by officers of the VDV troops and Command and control of division.