The latest Russian non-lethal weapon – an electroshock-gun of companies group “MART” on show “MILIPOL 2013”

PARIS, November 20. (ARMS-TASS). Group of companies “MART” presented at the 18th International Exhibition of State Security “MILIPOL 2013 ‘newest electroshock-gun – AIR (Autonomous spark gap),” M-140 “. This is the most recent Russian non-lethal weapons can be used in contact and remote modes, neutralizing the attacker for up to 10 minutes.

The new gun has caused great interest among experts for its performance. At the gun , in particular, there is a LED to illuminate the enemy and achieve a better -targeting . Intended time to neutralize the impact of the attacker without causing serious health consequences is 3 seconds . It is controlled by a special sound sensor.

In the gun there is light display which reflects all of the information about the modes of application and charge the battery.

According to experts , the gun is extremely easy to use, recharged from the mains voltage of 220 volts. Continuously for up to 150 shots