Russia delivered a batch of Mi-35M and Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopters to Iraq


Another batch of Mi-35M and Mi-28NE Night Hunter attack helicopters was delivered to Iraq by An-124 Ruslan transport aircraft, a source told TASS at MAKS-2015 airshow.

In accordance with the delivery schedule, Iraq took delivery of four Mi-35M and four Mi-28NE attack helicopters. The vehicles feature the full combat configuration and are fitted with the night vision equipment, TASS reports with reference to a military attaché.

It was reported earlier that Baghdad would take delivery of 43 combat helicopters by 2016 (24 Mi-35M and 19 Mi-28NE vehicles). These helicopters will be used to fight terrorist groups in Iraq. So far Iraq have taken delivery of 16 Mi-35Ms and 11 Mi-28NEs.

The contract for delivery of military equipment and vehicles worth $4,2 billion between Russia (Rosoboronexport) and Iraq was signed in 2012 during a visit of Iraqi President to Moscow. The contract is implemented by Rostvertol (part of Russian Helicopters Holding Company), which manufactures Mi-35M and Mi-28NE combat helicopters, as well as Mi-26 heavy transport helicopters. According to experts, the cost of the delivered vehicles, including ground equipment and weapons, exceeds $1 billion.

Pakistan Will Purchase Four Russian Mi-35M Helicopters



According to the Russian Embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan signed a contract for Russia’s Mi-35M transport and attack helicopters.

NEW DELHI (Sputnik) — Pakistan will acquire four Russian Mi-35M helicopters, the Russian Embassy in Islamabad said Thursday.

“The contract for four Mi-35M transport and attack helicopters was signed late last week,” an embassy spokesperson told RIA Novosti.

According to the spokesperson, the agreement was reached between Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport and Pakistan’s Ministry of Defense.

In July, Deputy CEO of Russian Helicopters Andrey Shibitov said a decision to supply Mi-35M helicopters to Pakistan to fight terrorism could be made in the near future.In September 2014, Rosoboronexport’s deputy director general, Sergey Goreslavsky, said Pakistan was seeking to purchase several Mi-35M helicopters to combat terrorism. Russia and Pakistan signed a deal to collaborate on defense two months later.

The Mi-24/25/35 family, with capabilities of landing and transporting up to eight paratroopers, is in current use by the Russian, Brazilian, Venezuelan and Azerbaijani armed forces.

Russia ready to sell four Mi-35M combat helicopters to Pakistan — source

Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport told TASS that talks were under way with the Pakistani side on the delivery of helicopters

 Mil Mi-35M helicopter

Mil Mi-35M helicopter

MOSCOW, June 17. /TASS/. Russia has sent Pakistan a draft contract on the delivery of four Mil Mi-35M (NATO reporting name: Hind E) combat helicopters, a source in the Russian system of military and technical cooperation said on Wednesday.

“Following the results of the talks held earlier on helicopters, which Pakistan would like to get from Russia, a draft contract on the delivery of four Mi-35M gunships has been sent to the Pakistani side. Pakistan is now studying the document,” the source said.

Russia’s state arms exporter Rosoboronexport told TASS that talks were under way with the Pakistani side on the delivery of helicopters. Rosoboronexport declined to disclose the details of these consultations.

Russia’s Rostec hi-tech corporation CEO Sergey Chemezov said last year Russia had lifted its embargo on the delivery of armaments and military hardware to Pakistan and was holding negotiations on the delivery of helicopters to that country.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry later said the sides were negotiating the delivery of a batch of Mi-35 helicopters. Pakistan currently has several Mi-17 helicopters transferred by the United States as assistance in the fight against militants.

The Mi-35M is a profoundly modernized version of the Mi-24 (Hind) attack helicopter with new avionics and onboard equipment, a different tail rotor and a more powerful engine.

Mil Mi-35M maintenance center to open in Brazil in 2015


A maintenance center for Russia’s Mil Mi-35M multirole attack helicopters will open in Brazil in 2015, according to Rosoboronexport Deputy General Director Sergei Goreslavsky.

“The Mi-35M helicopter delivery is supported by an offset program, whose cornerstone is the helicopter maintenance center. The center will apply Russian technologies and infrastructures of the Brazilian customer,” Goreslavsky told reporters at the LAAD 2015 Latin American defense and security exhibition in Rio de Janeiro.

“The contract stipulates the opening of the maintenance center in 2015,” he added.

Russia will transfer technologies for key units of the helicopter under the contract, Goreslavsky said.

The center will employ workshops in two regions of Brazil. Civilian helicopters are serviced and repaired under separate programs, and the center will repair Mil Mi-35M helicopters’ fuselage and engines.

Ghana will hold a large-scale purchase of aircraft

Ghana will hold a large-scale purchase of aircraft

Lenta,ru 15:35, 24 January 2014
Militaries of Ghana intend to purchase in closest future more European military transport aircraft C-295, which will complement the existing fleet of two of this type of transport. In addition, the possibility of acquiring a certain number of Italian transport C-27J Spartan, Russian military transport helicopters Mi-35M, Chinese multi-purpose helicopters Z-9 and European AS365 Dauphin

Russia close to complete attac helicopter deliveries to Brazil

Russia closse to complete attac helicopter deliveries to Brazil

BRAZILIA, October 17 (RIA Novosti) – Russia is planning to deliver the remaining Mi-35M Hind-E attack helicopters to Brazil under the 2008 contract in the next few months, a senior government official said Thursday.

Russia has so far supplied nine out of 12 Mi-35s to the Latin American country under the deal worth $150 million.

“We are testing the last, fourth, batch of these helicopters,” the head of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation (FSMTC), Alexander Fomin, said.

“Depending on the duration of the acceptance trials, the deliveries will be completed either by the end of this year or in the beginning of next year,” Fomin, who accompanies Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu on a current Latin American tour, said.

The official added that the delay was caused by “technical issues,” but he did not provide specifics of their nature.

The Mi-35M is an export version of the Mi-24 Hind that was used extensively in the Soviet war in Afghanistan. The Mi-24/35 is considered unique among dedicated attack helicopters as it can carry troops, in addition to performing its attack role.

The Sao Paulo-based newspaper Valor Economico previously reported that the Mi-35s would be used in the Amazon region, in conjunction with Brazil’s Embraer land and ground surveillance jets.

The Amazon region borders both Venezuela and Colombia, and is a prime location for transnational narco-terrorists and drug traffickers.

A Russian military delegation, led by Shoigu, is on a four-day trip to Brazil and Peru to promote the sales of Russian weaponry to these countries.

“Rosoboronexport” will represent unique military equipment in Malayzia

26.03.2013 / PLC “Rosoboronexport”

Spectacular interactive exhibition complex “Rosoboronexport” will demonstrate to participants and guests of the exhibition multipurpose super maneuverable Su-35, combat training aircraft Yak-130 combat, helicopter Mi-28N, military transport helicopters Mi-35M, combat reconnaissance and attack helicopter Ka-52, heavy transport helicopter Mi-26T, the frigate “Gepard-3.9” (based on the corvette project 11661), a patrol boat 14,310 “Mirage”, a patrol boat 12,200 “Sable” and other examples of modern military equipment.

“Rosoboronexport” will demonstrate to foreign partners and the latest air defense / missile defense – systems and complexes “Antey-2500”, “Igla-S”, Tor-M2E “as well as anti-aircraft missile system” Buk-M2E “and anti-aircraft missile and gun system
pantzir”-S1. “Russia’s position in this niche of the global arms market is traditionally very strong. particular interesting for potential customers are SAM” Buk-M2E “and ” Pantzir-S1 “, not only because of their unique capabilities, but also the results of the study of early experiences and the course of recent armed conflicts in North Africa and the Middle East.
Visitors to the stand of “Rosoboronexport” also will get information abut a wide range of the latest defeat of air, naval weapon systems, unmanned aerial vehicles, as well as equipment and weapons for the Army.