Libya will spend $ 4.7 billion for defense

Libya will spend for  defense  $ 4.7 billion

29.03.2013 /

Government of Libya at the next year intends to allocate for the purchase of new weapons and military equipment worth $ 4.7 billion, according to UPI, with reference to the official representatives of the authorities. The amount is about ten percent of the state budget. Details of the upcoming defense procurement Libya still unknown. Now Libian army isarmed with military hardware of Soviet manufacture.

In an interview with The National (UAE), a senior Air Force officer, Colonel Nasser Bousnina said that the country needs to protect two thousand kilometers of coastline in the Mediterranean. With all weapons and military equipment used by the Libyan military, already well out of date. According Bousnina, now all three of the armed forces of Libya intend to buy Western-made equipment.