Russia’s Large Landing Ships Return to Black Sea


The Russian Navy has performed rotation of warships of the permanent task force in the Mediterranean Sea. This information was furnished by a source in the Russian Navy’s Main Headquarters.

“On Saturday, the Yamal large landing ship of the Black Sea Fleet and the Alexander Shabalin large landing ship entered the Black Sea. They were part of the permanent task force of the Russian Navy in the Mediterranean for two weeks,” the official said, noting that the large landing ships regularly call at the ports of the Black Sea, in particular, Novorossiysk.

On September 23, Black Sea Fleet Commander Admiral Alexander Vitko reported to the President that Novorossiysk was a crucial hub for transiting military cargoes to Crimea and Syria. In 2015, the Yamal and Alexander Shabalin large landing ships have already entered the Mediterranean Sea twice.

Russia’s Mediterranean Squadron to Receive Large Landing Ship


The Alexander Otrakovsky large landing ship of the Northern Fleet will join a group of the Russian ships in the Mediterranean Sea. The Alexander Otrakovsky has already passed preventive maintenance and replenishment at the Novorossiysk naval base of the Black Sea Fleet and headed for the Mediterranean Sea. This was announced by Captain 1st Rank Vadim Serga, a spokesman for the Northern Fleet, on Wednesday.

“The large landing ship will join a group of the Russian ships to operate in the Mediterranean Sea on a permanent basis,” Mr. Serga stated.

It should be noted that Russia has started forming the Mediterranean Squadron by sending a detachment of the Pacific Fleet’s ships to the region in March 2013. The Mediterranean group of the Russian ships currently includes vessels from the Pacific, Northern, Baltic and Black Sea Fleets.


If Angola buys aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias?

If Angola buys aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias?

Spanish Web resource December 2, 2013 said that Spain allegedly would finally managed to sell decommissioned light aircraft carrier R 11 Principe de Asturias – a contract is allegedly agreed by the Spanish Ministry of Defence with Angola . Angola plans to introduce this ship to Navy . Before transmitting to the Angolan side the carrier must undergo a repair at the shipyard Navantia association in El Ferrol. Besides Principe de Asturias, Angola as ” applications” will allegedly receive (under the terms of the contract) another four ships decommissioned from the Spanish fleet – the former frigate F 32 (M 11 ) Diana ( type Descubierta, recent years been used as a command ship mine neutral forces) patrol vessel P 61 Chilreu, patrol boat P 27 Izaro ( type Anaga) and a large landing ship L 42 Pizarro ( former American LST 1196 Harlan County type Newport).
Reliable confirmation of aircraft carrier ‘Principe de Asturias’ sale to Angola is absent. Nevertheless, we know that in August 2013 located in Ferrol decommissioned Principe de Asturias was visited and inspected by the high-ranking Angolan delegation , which included two Navy admirals of Angola. The delegation visited the company Navantia in Ferrol . Representatives of the Spanish Navy and Navantia neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of selling the ship to Angola.

Large landing ship Black Sea Fleet “Caesar Kunikov” will be renovated in Bulgaria

09.07.2013 TSAMTO
TSAMTO, July 8. Large landing ship (BDK) Black Sea Fleet “Caesar Kunikov” arrived in the Bulgarian port of Varna to undergo major overhaul, the press service of the Southern Military District.

Repairs will be carried out on the basis of the dockyard “Naval arsenal”, which has considerable experience in the restoration of the technical readiness of warships of the Navy of the USSR and Russia.

Towing vessel to Varna was performed by the crew of sea tug MB-173 Black Sea Fleet.

In a first, a Russian warship docks in Israel

In a first, a Russian  warship docks in Israel

MOSCOW/HAIFA, Israel, May 1 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s large landing ship Azov entered the Israeli port of Haifa on Wednesday, marking the first time a Russian warship calls at an Israeli port.

Azov will stay in Haifa until Friday to resupply and allow the crew to rest, a spokesman for the Russian Navy said.

City residents will also be allowed on board for a guided tour and treated to performances by the Black Sea Fleet orchestra reinforced by marines.

Azov is part of Russia’s task force in the Mediterranean, which is due to perform exercises off the coast of war-torn Syria, Captain Alexei Komarov, who heads the landing ship unit of the Black Sea Fleet, told journalists in Haifa.

He did not give a date for the exercises, but said the task force is prepared to evacuate Russian citizens from Syria, though no such order was given so far.

Russia currently has six ships in the Mediterranean, including the Azov, which made frequent trips to the region before, calling at the Russian resupply base in the Syrian city of Tartus.

Another six ships of the Pacific Fleet are on the way to the Mediterranean and expected to join the task force later this month.

Various expert estimates put the Russian diaspora in Syria at anywhere between 5,000 and 100,000, the majority of them women who married into Syrian families. Russia evacuated 77 of its citizens by bus in January.