Russia to resume construction of small landing craft with air cushion of “Zubr” type


Russia will resume construction of small amphibious hovercraft of project 12322, the delegation of “Izumrud” (part of “Morinforsist-Agate”) said on Wednesday at the 13th International Exhibition of aerospace and naval industry “LIMA-2015″.
“We have received a preliminary application for the creation of seven sets of multi-function integrated fire-control radar “Bagira-M”, intended for these vehicles,” the source said.

Spain has launched a head LCM-1E type landing craft for the Royal Australian Navy

Spain has launched a head   LCM-1E type  landing craft for the Royal Australian Navy

18/09/2013 Military parity

September 16th the company Navantia launched the first landing craft of the 12 ordered by the Royal Australian Navy. The construction of these boats is based on the platform of construction Navantia for the Spanish Navy and commissioned in 2006-08 (such as LCM-1E ), according to a company press release.

According to the contract signed in December 2011, the construction of boats will be conducted in the Navantia shipyard in the Gulf of Cadiz and take 350,000 hours of work.

Landing craft are designed for dealing with the “ships of strategic power projection» ALHD “Canberra” and ALHD “Adelaide”, similar LHD “Juan Carlos I” and also built by Navantia. Commissioning of the first four units is scheduled for April 2014.