Thanks to latest technology Russian “Kurganets” and “Bumerang” will not be “afraid” of even missiles with uranium cores


Russian defense industry has the technology to dramatically enhance the characteristics of domestic infantry fighting vehicles, armored personnel carriers, armored cars and BMD. So this summer during the military-technical forum “Army – 2015” in Moscow Kubinka OAO “NII Stali” presented its most advanced development.
For example, a ceramic plate to protect the light armored vehicles. Its structure consists of a protective flat SIC ceramics based on aluminum or steel substrate. This panel provides protection against small-caliber artillery shells with cores of heavy alloys caliber up to 30 mm.

For the protection of armored vehicles other panel consisting of roller ceramics based on corundum in the polymer matrix on the steel or aluminum substrate is developed. The level of protection enables to withstand B-32 armor-piercing bullets hit of caliber 14.5 mm.

Photos of “Armata”, “Kurganets-25” and “Boomerang” from the Ministry of Defense of Russia


On a specially created website page of the Ministry of Defense of Russia, dedicated to the upcoming May 9 Victory Parade 2015,  it was laid out a very high-quality photos of samples of military equipment, which will take part in the Victory Parade in Moscow. The photos were taken during a parade rehearsal in the suburban Alabino. It is  Including the pictures of new hardware on  platforms of “Armata”, “Kurganets-25” and “Boomerang”.

Tank “Armata” will come in time

Commander of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin announced the intention of the Defense Ministry of Russia to purchase party T-90S tanks and upgraded armored infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2.
He told to reporters that for these purchases the defense contracts for 2014-2015 was corrected, and he said: “That is, until the new machines come to the stage of production in 2016-2017 and now they are still in the stage of development work – it is “Armata”, “Kurganets” and “Boomerang”. But we will not lose time and in any case we do not stop to update our fleet of combat vehicles. “