Russian helicopters will have French engines

Russian helicopters will have French engines

14/02/2014 Russian newspaper

In Russia, it will be produced fereign engines for the domestic helicopters. It was announced during a press tour organized by the Agency for investment in France.
According to the Deputy Director General of the French company , which is engaged in the production of engines , Jean-Pierre Kyuzhon the prototypes already flying , and soon it will rise into the sky the certified Russian helicopters with French engines – the Ka-62 and Ka-226T .

“Helicopters of Russia ” offer South Korea firefighting Ka -32A11BC, multi-purpose Mi- 171A2 and new Ka -62

Holding “Helicopters of Russia ” takes part in the international exhibition of aerospace and defense technologies Seoul International Aerospace and Defence Exhibition (SEOUL ADEX 2013 ) , which runs from October 29 to November 3, 2013 in Kintex exhibition Center in Seoul , South Korea . The exposition of the holding is located in the Pavilion H9-C6.

Among the exhibits of holding ” Helicopters of Russia ” – it is the average multi-purpose Ka-32A11BC, a unique Russian helicopter, which is used in more than 30 countries, including South Korea, China, Japan, EU countries , Canada, Russia and other countries. The new Ka- 32A11VS submitted today to SEOUL ADEX 2013 , is recognized by experts as one of the best search and rescue and fire-fighting helicopters in the world, it is indispensable in the fight against natural and man-made disasters and fires , as well as the liquidation of their consequences

Russia Showcases New Helicopter in South Korea

Russia Showcases New Helicopter in South Korea

MOSCOW, October 29 (RIA Novosti) – Helicopters of Russia, the country’s leading rotorcraft manufacturer, said Tuesday that it was presenting its newest addition to the legendary Mi-8/17 family at an international airshow in South Korea.

The company said it was showcasing the new chopper, the Mi-171A2, at the Seoul International Aerospace and Defense Exhibition, which runs till Sunday.

Alongside the new helicopter, the company is also featuring the latest Ka-62 multirole chopper, developed by the Kamov design bureau, and a new version of the Ka-32, operated in 30 countries throughout the world, Helicopters of Russia said.

“Helicopters of Russia” will present at the MAKS-2013 the range of civil and military helicopters, including the latest developments of the Ka-62 and Mi-171A2

Holding “Helicopters of Russia” – a subsidiary of the “Oboronprom” entering the State Corporation “Russian Technologies” – will take part in the International Aviation and Space Salon (MAKS-2013), which is traditionally held on the airfield central test base of the country the Gromov Flight Research Institute in Zhukovsky from August 27 to September 1.
MAX 2013 will be a milestone for “Helicopters of Russia”: the experts and visitors will see a wide range of civil and military helicopters, including expected trends.

The exposition of the holding “Helicopters of Russia” will be presented at the exhibition “Oboronprom”, which occupies 600 square meters. meters. For visitors and participants of the air show the stand holding company “Helicopters of Russia” will be opened in the pavilion № C3, the helicopters will be placed on static display, the machine will take part in the flying program

In Moscow, the helicopter exhibition has opened

In Moscow, the helicopter exhibition  has opened

At the VI International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia, which take place in Moscow from May 16 to 18, amost ready for testing helicopter Ka-62 was shown.
This machine – a kind of peaceful transformation of the Ka-60 “Killer Whale”, created in the interest of the security forces.
It was to fill the niche vacated after discontinuation of the Mi-4.
A distinctive feature of the Ka-60 was that it was the first single-rotor helicopter designed by the firm “Kamov”, where traditionally only did coaxial rotors and the first Russian helicopter with tail eleven-blade rotor fan type, called “fenestron.”