Finmeccanica denies the abolition of the Indian deal

Finmeccanica denies the abolition of the Indian deal

22.11.2013 portal business aviation
Italian group Finmeccanica gave a rebuttal on appeared in press reports concerning the probability of cancellation of the deal with 12 helicopters AgustaWestland AW101, whith which the group should supply India by request of the Ministry of Defence. According to the Group, its subsidiary AgustaWestland has not received from the Indian side any statement of the termination of the contract, and negotiations over the contract to be held in the coming days.

” Rosoboronexport ” has signed five agreements with Italian companies, 30.08.2013
” Rosoboronexport ” has signed five new agreements for projects in the field of special aircraft with two Italian companies Finmeccanica and OMASUD at MAKS – 2013 , the correspondent ” Gazety.Ru .”

Two agreements with Finmeccanica prescribed conditions to ensure the operation of the Be -200 and AN- 140-100 , which will be exported to the countries of the “Third World ” The aircraft equipped with electronic systems of production Finmeccanica.

The third agreement obliges the country to deliver the “third world ” ground complex of flight data processing “Topaz- M” . The fourth agreement is aimed at establishing a joint production of new modification amphibious aircraft Be- 103.

The fifth agreement with OMASUD aimed at creating the conditions for a joint venture on the basis of the Be -112 light amphibious aircraft needed to patrol the waters .

” The agreement is aimed at co-creation and promotion in third countries markets advanced aviation systems which will meet the requirements of potential customers. These aircraft will be in particular demand by States having a long maritime border and the” problem area “- the deputy director of” Rosoboronexport ” Alexander Mikheyev said.

At MAKS-2013 it will be organized 11 national pavilion

At MAKS-2013 it will be organized 11 national pavilion

14.08.2013 Gudok

At the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, which will be held in Zhukovsky from August 27 to September 1, it will be attended by almost all the leading Russian aerospace enterprises. It was stated by the Deputy Director of the Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation of Russia Konstantin Biryulin.

Among the companies confirmed their participation – the state corporation “Russian Technologies”, United Aircraft Corporation, the company “Sukhoi”, “MIG”, “Irkut”, “Tupolev”, “Ilyushin” and many others. In the pavilions it reserved 100% of exhibition space.

Now the forming of the exposure of foreign participants is continuing. At the moment, it have announced the participation in the air show of over than 260 companies from 43 countries, include Airbus, Rolls-Royce, Finmeccanica, Israel Aerospace Industries, Safran Group, the European Space Agency and others.

Former Indian Air Force chief accused of bribery

Former Indian Air Force chief accused of bribery

March 14, 2013
      VIEW, March 13. Former commander of the Indian Air Force Shashindra Pal Tyagi has been accused by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) countries taking bribes and misuse of power. It happend in the investigation of corruption cases in the process of the signing of the contract for the purchase of the Italian helicopters Agusta Westland AW-101.
       Employees CBI has raided the house of Tyagi, (RIA “Novosti”).
       According to the newspaper VIEW, February 26, it became known that an agreement on the purchase of helicopters for India, from the Italian company Agusta Westland, «daughters” group Finmeccanica, has been under a corrupt basis, and that the suspect in the case are Shashindra Pal Tyagi.

India decides the destiny of the contract for the delivery of 12 helicopters by “Agusta Westland”

 March 7. (ARMS-TASS). Government of India has still not made a decision about to enter the company “Agusta Westland” into the “black list” of in connection with the recent allegations of corruption related to the contract from 2010 for supply 12 VIP-helicopter AW101.
According to the weekly “Flight”, in response to a parliamentary question, why are not taken steps to cancel the contract, India’s Defense Minister Arakkaparambil Anthony said that on 15 February the notice with requirement to provide the necessary explanations was sent to the company “Agusta Westland ” .
“Operations on contract put on hold and further payments to ” Agusta Westland “suspended. Decision to place the company in the black list has not been taken,” – said in a written statement of the Minister of Defense.
It states that the military Department is awaiting the results of the Central Bureau of Investigation of India before taking the next step.
As mentioned in previous government statements, India to cancel the contract, even though the accusation against the former head of the “Finmeccanica” Giuseppe Orsi and former head of the “Agusta Westland” Bruno Spagnolini not yet proven.
“Finmeccanica” and “Agusta Westland” deny all accusation related to the contract.
So far, New Delhi has three of 12 AW101 helicopters in VIP-configuration, which will be credited to the balance at the end of 2013