After the accident, the Antares rocket will get the engine of the “Angara”


American “Orbital”  held a tender among the suppliers of rocket engines – triumphed by Khimkinskoye NGO “Energomash” with RD-193

After an accident with Antares, its manufacturer – American company Orbital Sciences Corporation – will change the supplier  of rocket propulsion engines. According to a senior source in the Russian Space Agency, the  Orbital held a tender among manufacturers of engines for carriers Antares, which will be released in 2017.

The engine RD-193 of NGOs Khimki “Energomash” won the tender – Roskosmos spokesman told to “Izvestia”. – We learned it long ago. Now the parties in a process of  agreement on the format of the announcement..

In the United States it was launched a navigation GPS satellite

08/05/2014 ROSINVEST


Morning of August 2 it  was launched into space the  newest satellite device called «GPS 2F». It brought  to orbit  by rocket «Atlas 5″, which is operated by engine of Russian “Energomash”.

 This is a most  powerful navigation satellite  of navigation system with capabilities for  global positioning