Russia and China to Build Floating Nuclear Power Plants

30.07.2014,Siberian Insider

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Russia’s Rosatom State Corporation and China’s CNNC New Energy have concluded a memorandum on a project to build floating nuclear power plants. The corresponding document was signed by Rusatom Overseas CEO Dzhomart Aliev and CNNC New Energy President Tianlin Qian.

“Floating power plants have a significant appliance potential. A floating power plant can be mobile or fixed. A plant like this can be either plugged into the shore-based electrical grid or moored close to a power consumer. Floating power plants can be used to solve many energy problems in hard-to-reach places, including beyond the Arctic Circle, as well as all sorts of offshore facilities, such as offshore oil rigs,” Mr. Aliev emphasized.

According to the official statement, the companies are going to set up a Russian-Chinese working group that will to continue their work on the project.