Ukrainian BTR-4 returned from Iraq to Ukraine

Ukrainian BTR-4 returned from Iraq to Ukraine

08.01.2014 ARMS-TASS
MOSCOW, January 6. ( ARMS-TASS ) . Batch of Ukrainian BTR -4A returned back to Ukraine. Transport ship SE Pacifica on which 40 BTR-4 were sent to Iraq has returned back. It was reported by the weekly ” Jane’s Defence Weekly .”

Although state-owned company ” Ukrspecexport ” declined to comment for local media the return of ship with a party of armored personnel carriers , according to ” Jane Defence Weekly “, SE Pacifica passed the Suez Canal on December 28 in the direction of the Bosphorus Strait .

” Ukrspecexport ” does not comment on media reports on the return to Ukraine of the third batch of BTR- 4 , sent to Iraq at the beginning of the past year

06/01/2014 Interfax-Ukraine
The state-owned ” Ukrspecexport ” neither confirms nor denies the media reports that third batch of new Ukrainian BTR-4 of 40 machines shipped to Iraq in February on the basis of test by the Iraqi employer returned to Ukraine.

However, the agency’s source in the defense sector , commenting on this information , said: “The reliability of the information can be determined within a week .”

According to him, “if the technique actually arrive in Ukraine , in accordance with the operational documentation for the contract , it will be provided with the necessary maintenance .”

On Friday, a number of Ukrainian media quoted the representative owner of the vessel , which was to deliver to Iraqi customer another batch of BTR-4, consisting of 40 machine, reported that the ship which was carrying military equipment is returned to Ukraine after a few months of downtime in the Gulf because of the unwillingness of the customer take technique because of alleged detected cracks in armour of BTR .

Azerbaijan refused to purchase Ukrainian BTR- 3 and BTR -4

Azerbaijan refused to purchase Ukrainian BTR- 3 and BTR -4

09.18.2013 APA (Azerbaijan)
Baku – APA.
Azerbaijan over the past 10 years has bought from Ukraine 150 units of BTR -70 , 3 BTR-3U and 17 units of multi -purpose tractors BTS- 5B .

But according to information received by the APA in military sources , Azerbaijan refused APC BTR -3 and BTR -4 , proposed by Ukraine a few years ago. The reason was the problem with welding , as well as the difficulties in transportation of personnel. Similar problems exist in the BTR- 4 .

” For a number of important indicators of the BTR- 3 and BTR -4 is actually no different from their predecessors, the BTR- 70 and BTR -80. The armor protection is no enhanced, and the control is same difficult “- sources sais.

The information also states that during the tests in a mountainous area in Azerbaijan the modernized by local specialists APC BTR -70 showed a higher mobility in comparison with the BTR- 3 and BTR -4 Ukrainian production.

Iraq has agreed to take another batch of Kharkov APCs

Iraq has agreed to take another batch of Kharkov APCs

04.09.2013 Ukrinform
Ukrainian-Iraqi agreement for the supply of BTR-4, (made at the Kharkiv Malyshev Plant), performed in the normal mode. Ukrinform Deputy Head of Kharkiv Regional State Administration Andriy Mochenkov said. “We have enough optimism. Iraq has agreed to take another batch of BTR-4 “, – he said.

Recall that in early August, Ukrainian media reported the alleged refusal of the Iraqi side to take another batch of BTR-4. Journalists with reference to the representative of the Odessa Varamar, which was transporting armored vehicles, reported that the Iraqis refused to unload the armored personnel carriers to the bank because of alleged cracks in buildings. Since April, the ship was in international waters near Iraq.

The contract between Ukraine and Iraq includs the supply of 450 units of BTR-4, which produces the Kharkiv Malyshev Plant. Since 2010, Iraq has delivered nearly 100 pieces of the machine.

Iraq refused to accept the rejected Ukrainian BTR-4

Iraq refused to accept the rejected Ukrainian BTR-4

05.08.2013 Military-Industrial Courier
Singaporean ship SE PACIFICA with Ukrainian armored vehicles during three months is in the neutral waters of the Persian Gulf, because the authorities in Baghdad refuse to accept it. It violates the contract between Ukraine and Iraq to sell nearly 450 pieces of military equipment.

According to the Odessa portal “”, most of the military vehicles are armored personnel carriers BTR-4, issued at the Kharkov Transport Machine-Building Plant named after Malyshev.

According to the source portal, 42 units of cargo have cracks in the hull and found defective by the Iraqis, because of what they do not agree to unload them on the shore.

Ukrspecexport, Ukroboronservis and the company “Progress” refuse to pay demurrage.

The owners of the vessel SE PACIFICA say they are ready to unload military equipment at the Port of any other country, and to petition the arrest of cargo.