Azerbaijan refused to purchase Ukrainian BTR- 3 and BTR -4

Azerbaijan refused to purchase Ukrainian BTR- 3 and BTR -4

09.18.2013 APA (Azerbaijan)
Baku – APA.
Azerbaijan over the past 10 years has bought from Ukraine 150 units of BTR -70 , 3 BTR-3U and 17 units of multi -purpose tractors BTS- 5B .

But according to information received by the APA in military sources , Azerbaijan refused APC BTR -3 and BTR -4 , proposed by Ukraine a few years ago. The reason was the problem with welding , as well as the difficulties in transportation of personnel. Similar problems exist in the BTR- 4 .

” For a number of important indicators of the BTR- 3 and BTR -4 is actually no different from their predecessors, the BTR- 70 and BTR -80. The armor protection is no enhanced, and the control is same difficult “- sources sais.

The information also states that during the tests in a mountainous area in Azerbaijan the modernized by local specialists APC BTR -70 showed a higher mobility in comparison with the BTR- 3 and BTR -4 Ukrainian production.