Killer App: Kalashnikov Assault Rifle Gets Internet Access

Kalashnikov assault rifle

An advanced electronic module for the Kalashnikov assault rifle, which is equipped with Internet access, has been shown at the international Army-2015 military-technical expo currently under way in Kubinka outside the Russian capital Moscow.

The Russian company Red Heat and investment fund StarNet VC have presented an electronic module for the Kalashnikov assault rifle to monitor the number of remaining rounds and the condition of the weapon, sending the relevant data back to base via Wi-Fi, Russian media outlets reported.

The device, attached to the Kalashnikov’s forearm, is equipped with built-in sensors that track the status of the assault rifle using the GLONASS and GPS navigation systems; the sensors also help collect statistics on the assault rifle’s use and monitor its available cartridges. The device operates with the help of a standard electric battery.

According to Red Heat advisor Anatoly Smorgonsky, the built-in modem can be upgraded to transmit data in line with the country standards in which the assault rifle is sold. He said that the traffic is protected with a 256 bit encryption key, which has been developed in Russia. Smorgonsky added that this electronic module can also be attached to airsoft guns for training purposes.

Currently on offer are Kalashnikov assault rifles with removable and fixed forearms equipped with the electronic module. The cost of the fixed forearm, including the electronic module, is 25,000 rubles (about 463 dollars), according to Red Heat.

Its representatives declined to elaborate on whether they had signed any contracts on the delivery of the devices.

Red Heat deals in the development and the production of accessories for firearms, including Kalashnikovs. StarNet VC is an investment fund specializing in start-ups pertaining to the Internet of things. The volume of the fund is 50 million dollars.


Singapore created the shortest rifle of scheme ” Bullpup “

Singapore created the  shortest  rifle  of scheme

21.02.2014 military parity

Defense industry of Singapore showcased at Singapore Airshow 2014 , two new sample of 5.56 mm assault rifles , including ” The shortest in the world weapons scheme ” Bullpup ” reports.
Created by Singapore Technologies Kinetics (STK) the rifle of scheme ” Bullpup ” has a general resemblance to 5.56 mm assault rifle STK SAR- 21. Of course, the bringing the rifle under the new scheme required the serious modifications to turn it into a new weapon .
According to the developer , the STK BMCR (Bullpup Multirole Combat Rifle) and STK CMCR (Conventional Multirole Combat Rifle) created for the 5.56 – mm NATO SS109 cartridges.
Standard SAR- 21 has a length of 805 mm , its truncated SAR Modular Mounting System and more compact with a length of 680 mm . In STK has not released the dimensions of BMCR, except unconfirmed statements about ” the shortest rifle in the world of ” Bullpup ” scheme.

Lethal and Legendary: The Pick of Russian Weapon Sistems

Lethal and Legendary: The Pick of Russian Weapon Sistems

The Kalashnikov automatic rifle, adopted in 1949 as the AK-47. The AK is currently in service with armed forces in 106 countries. There are an estimated 70 million to 105 million Kalashnikov assault rifles of various modifications in the world. The AK-47 was top of the list of the most significant inventions of the 20th century according to a poll by France’s Liberation magazine, ahead of nuclear weapons and space technology.