North Korea to Join International Army Games in 2016

Alabino military training 2015


According to the Russian Defense Ministry, North Korean Armed Forces may take part in next year’s International Army Games held in Russia.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) North Korean Armed Forces may take part in next year’s International Army Games held in Russia, according to a Russian Defense Ministry statement published Monday.Earlier in the day, a delegation from North Korea visited the Alabino military training ground in the Moscow region to view a Suvorov Onslaught competition of amphibious infantry fighting vehicles.

“Representatives of the Korean People’s Army have expressed their desire to participate in the International Army Games in 2016,” the Russian Defense Ministry stated, citing the head of the North Korean delegation.

The 2015 International Army Games are currently underway in Russia. The competition has brought together more than 2,000 participants from 17 countries. Teams participate in 14 military contests held in 10 different locations across Russia. The games are due to finish on August 15.

Russian Defence Minister: Rolls by Chinese military cooks are ‘delicious’

Russian Military Technologies's photo.
   August 1 – Russian Defence Minister Sergey Shoigu, accompanied by his deputies, has tasted national dishes of countries participating in the first International Army Games in Russia that runs from Saturday, August 1, to August 15.
The contest of military chefs “Field Kitchen” is part of the program. The minister started with tasting traditional Russian round loafs, appreciating them a lot. Then the delegation continued its gastronomic tour, tasting Belarusian dishes, and giving high marks to bakery products.
Having tasted Chinese national dishes, the high-ranking commission specifically marked ‘delicious rolls’. Besides, they were treated to Chinese bean salad, an Indian salad with tomatoes and bananas and traditional curry chicken with rice.
The cooking contest will be held on August 1, 5, 13 and 15. On the opening day, the guests and participants will be able to try dishes prepared by cooks from the countries participants in the Games – Russia, Belarus, India, Kyrgyzstan, China, Kuwait, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Serbia and Tajikistan.
More than 2,000 participants from 17 countries take part in the International Army Games, invented by the leadership of the Russian Defence Ministry, held between August 1 and 15.

Russia Hosts First International Army Games

Tank Biathlon 2014 competition


Russia hosts the first International Army Games on August 1-15 with teams from 16 other nations expected to take part in various contests organized by the Russian Defense Ministry.

ALABINO (Sputnik) – Russia has held international competitions of tank and aircraft crews over the past two years, and the famous annual Tank Biathlon is expected to become the most important part of the Army Games.Participants of this year’s International Army Games include: Azerbaijan, Angola, Armenia, Belarus, China, Egypt, India, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, Nicaragua, Pakistan, Serbia, Tajikistan, Venezuela, as well as Russia.

Teams will participate in 14 military contests, which, along with the Tank Biathlon, will include competitions for military engineers, pilots and drivers, air defense specialists, sappers, paratroopers, military chemists, artillery crews, and even army cooks.

The contests will be held in 11 different locations across Russia.

More than 2,000 foreign troops are expected to take part in the games, with 400 foreign observers also due to attend the event.


Tank crews from four continents have arrived at a firing range in Alabino near Moscow, to take part in the World Championship Tank Biathlon 2015.

Thirteen will participate using the Russian-made T-72B3 tanks. The Chinese team has arrived in Moscow with their own tank, the Type 96A.The vast territory and rugged terrain of Alabino allowed to create a full-scale simulation of combat operations for the competitions. Obstacles, sites and buildings on the site were developed especially for the Army Games.

The contest route for tanks is expected to be more difficult this year with additional obstacles and new shooting practice tests.


The Aviadarts is an annual competition of flight skills and precise shooting, first held in Russia in 2013. The competition will start on August 2.

According to the Russian Defense Ministry, more than 50 crews from Russia, Belarus, China and Kazakhstan will be competing. All participants will use their armed forces’ aircraft for the competition. Over 100 pilots, 12 types of planes and helicopters and three airports throughout Russia will be involved.

The contest includes competitions for fighter, bomber, attack, army, military transport and long-range aircraft. Participants will be judged on the accuracy of the firing of rockets and air guns.

The Aviadarts part of the Army Games will include an aviation show with flight demonstrations.


Motorized infantry units will show off-road driving skills during the Suvorov Onslaught contest, named after a renowned Russian 18th century military commander.

The Masters of Automobile and Tank Hardware will see military drivers and mobile repair teams compete on day and night routes.The Masters of Artillery Fire will define the fastest and most accurate artillery crew in a competition at a firing range.

During the Masters of Air Defense part, contestants will vie in passing a cross-country route and firing from portable anti-aircraft system on moving targets.

Nuclear, biological and chemical reconnaissance units will compete during the Safe Environment contest and engineering troops will vie in the fields of the Safe Route.


As part of the Caspian Derby contest, marines from CIS member states will compete at the Adanak Range on the Caspian Sea coast, whereas the Caspian Cup will define the winner between ship crews in a contest held in the sea itself.


The Airborne Platoon contest will see Russian and foreign paratroopers compete in skills such as parachute landing, firing accuracy, speed and agility.

During the Masters of Reconnaissance, contestants will have to perform air landing, obstacle crossing and show driving skills.

The Open Water competition will see teams overcoming water obstacles, building ferries to deliver combat vehicles to a destination.

Finally, military cooks will show their skills in preparation of food in diverse conditions during the Field Kitchen contest.

Moscow Hopes NATO Participates in Future Army Games

The Angolan crew driving a T-72B tank during the Tank Biathlon 2014 world championship. The competition took place at the training ground of the 2nd Guard Motorized Rifle Taman Division in the village of Alabino


Russia’s deputy defense minister said he believed that Western European countries and the United States will join the Army Games in the future.

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov expressed hope on Thursday that the United States and other NATO members would, at some point, participate in the Army Games international contest.The International Army Games, organized by the Russian Defense Ministry, will be held in various locations in Russia August 1-15. According to the Defense Ministry, it will feature 13 contests. NATO member states were invited to take part in the contest, but declined, citing political reasons. The competition will gather 57 teams from 17 countries.

“I believe, there will come a day when our colleagues from Western European countries, the United States will venture upon an open competition. If you will, it is in a way a challenge to our colleagues from NATO countries, Western Europe to compete at our ranges,” Antonov told reporters.

The deputy defense minister noted Russia’s readiness to visit NATO ranges to demonstrate during the games “who is better, who is more powerful, more trained and qualified.”

Relations between NATO and Russia deteriorated sharply amid the Ukrainian crisis, with the alliance blaming Moscow for its interference in the Ukraine internal conflict, a claim that Moscow has repeatedly denied.

Chinese Tanks, Guns Deployed Across Russia, 166 Train Cars Used

The deployed Chinese military personnel prepares to take part in the International Army Games along with 14 other nations.

The deployed Chinese military personnel prepares to take part in the International Army Games along with 14 other nations.

The Russian Ministry of Defense reported on the successful deployment of Chinese military personnel, along with tanks, artillery and other materiel in various regions of Russia. They are preparing to take part in the International Army Games along with 14 other nations.The games are due to be held in the first fifteen days of August and encompass 13 different team competitions, of which The Tank Biathlon and Aviadarts aerobatics contests are the most prominent.

The International Army Games’ program includes an Open Water contest and a Safe Route engineering contest, where combat engineers will assist other units in passing thru different obstacles and barriers. Chief of the Russian Engineering Troops Lieutenant-General Yuri Stavitsky has announced plans to hold the Formula One-like competitions between military engineers in 2016, Russia’s RIA Novosti news agency reported lately.

Besides China, army teams from India, Kuwait, Venezuela, Angola, Mongolia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, the hosting nation Russia and other countries will take part. Last year China won the bronze medal in the Tank Biathlon, while Armenia took the silver and the Russian team earned gold.

According to Sunday’s Russian Ministry of Defense report, the People’s Liberation Army of China has taken along four Type-96 tanks with them this year to compete in the Tank Biathlon and four IFVs for another competition during the course of the Games.Moreover, there are also various People’s Liberation Army artillery systems that will be used during the competitions, for example, 120-mm self-propelled mortar-howitzer system PLL-05 will compete in the “Masters of artillery fire” competition near Saratov in the Volga Region.

In total, there are 13 army teams from China participating in the Russia-hosted competitions this year. It took two weeks and 166 train cars were used for the transportation of all the personnel and materiel, as the statement on the Russian MoD website reads.

Besides armored vehicles and artillery, various all-terrain, engineering and reconnaissance vehicles, air-defense systems, tractor trucks, ponton boats, a heavy mechanized bridge and a maintenance shop have been brought.

Moreover, Chinese pilots will be competing in the Aviadarts contest in their own Russian-made Su-30MKK strike fighters.

Cooperation between the Russian and Chinese armed forces has been reportedly intensified in all areas, including culture. An exhibition will be opened of artwork by the Russian Grekov Military art studio in the Military Museum of Chinese People’s Revolution in Beijing this September. The exhibition is devoted to the 70th anniversary of the end of WWII.


Russia to Host 2015 Army Games in August – Defense Ministry

The Angolan crew driving a T-72B tank during the Tank Biathlon 2014 world championship. The competition took place at the training ground of the 2nd Guard Motorized Rifle Taman Division in the village of Alabino

Military specialists from 14 countries will take part in the 2015 International Army Games, to run in Russia from August 1 through 15, the Defense Ministry press service announced on Thursday.

The competitions will be in fourteen sets of maneuvers and will be held at ten ranges in various parts of Russia to bring together army teams from Angola, Belarus, Venezuela, Kuwait, Kirgizia, China, Mongolia, India, Armenia, Russia and other countries.The Tank Biathlon and Aviadarts aerobatic team contests were the 2014 game highlights, featuring Chinese armored vehicles and aircraft from Belarus and China.

Tank Biathlon competitions are planned to begin on August 1.

The Games’ program includes Open Water and Safe Route engineering contests, where military engineers will help other units pass through obstacles and barriers.

The Defense Ministry proposed holding an opening ceremony on August 1 in Alabino, outside Moscow.

Other contests will be held on August 3-13. The closing ceremony will take place August 15 in Alabino.