New Russian heavy rocket launched successfully


MOSCOW December, 23. /TASS
Twelve minutes after the liftoff, the orbital unit separated from the third stage

MOSCOW, December 23. /TASS/. A new Russian heavy rocket was successfully test-launched from the Plesetsk space center on Tuesday as planned at 08:57am Moscow time.

The head unit has separated from the third stage of the Angara rocket, the Russian Defense Ministry press service confirmed. Twelve minutes after the liftoff, the orbital unit separated from the third stage, the press service said. The Briz-M upper stage will carry the orbital unit to the planned geostationary orbit.

Indeed, this is a great and very important event for our rocket-and-space sphere, and for Russia in general,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said.

Russia places serious hopes on the Angara. After tests, Russia plans to launch space vehicles of all types from its territory and ensure independent guaranteed access to space. It is one of priority projects of the Russian space industry.

Various Angara rockets are developed from light to heavy class, capable to carry from 1.5 to 25 tons.

The light-class model was tested last summer. The rocket successfully reached the designated area within the Kura range on Kamchatka, 5,700 km from the launch site.

Angara-A5 is capable of carrying 3-24.5 tons and can replace the Proton carrier. The heavy Angara is not designed for manned flights.

After the accident, the Antares rocket will get the engine of the “Angara”


American “Orbital”  held a tender among the suppliers of rocket engines – triumphed by Khimkinskoye NGO “Energomash” with RD-193

After an accident with Antares, its manufacturer – American company Orbital Sciences Corporation – will change the supplier  of rocket propulsion engines. According to a senior source in the Russian Space Agency, the  Orbital held a tender among manufacturers of engines for carriers Antares, which will be released in 2017.

The engine RD-193 of NGOs Khimki “Energomash” won the tender – Roskosmos spokesman told to “Izvestia”. – We learned it long ago. Now the parties in a process of  agreement on the format of the announcement..