An-124 “Ruslan” Completed Task of Delivering Field Hospital and Medicines to Guinea

17.11.2014  Siberian Insider

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Aircraft military transport aircrafts of Russian Air Force An-124 “Ruslan” completed the task of delivering the field hospital and medicines to the Republic of Guinea in the framework of international effort to combat Ebola virus. It is reported by the Defense Ministry.

“Crews of largest military transport aircraft in the world made a one day 20-hour flight from Sochi to Conakry (Republic of Guinea) and back, covering the distance of about 13 thousand kilometers (more than 8 thousand miles). Russian “Ruslans” delivered to the airport of Conakry and donated to Guinean doctors more than 150 tons of medical and special equipment for the deployment of the hospital, including: admission and diagnostic department, three infectious wards, intensive care and special laboratories of diagnostics in the framework of international efforts to combat Ebola,” the Defence Ministry emphasized.

“Nobility” of western “allies”


On the opened in Germany air show, the largest transport aircraft in the world – Russia’s “Ruslan” was deleted from exposure without warning . “Hidden” from visitors aircraft of company “Volga-Don” was previously invited to airshow becouse of the aircraft currently provides transportation of NATO troops from Afghanistan to Germany.

Command of the Russian Air Force supports the decision to resume serial production of AN-124 “Ruslan”

30.12.2013 TSAMTO
Command of the Air Forces of the Russian Federation supports the decision to resume serial production of AN-124 “Ruslan” in Ulyanovsk. On this, as the “RIA Novosti” reports, the Russian Air Force Commander Lt. Gen. Viktor Bondarev said.

Azarov: Ukraine and Russia will jointly build 80 An-124 planes

Azarov: Ukraine and Russia will jointly build 80 An-124 planes

19.12.2013 ITAR-TASS
Ukraine and Russia plan together to build 80 An-124 planes, which will gain $ 12.89 billion, the Ukrainian government head Mykola Azarov said at a meeting of the government. “For all of our independence during 22 years there were no such large-scale projects. Revenue totaled 12.89 billion dollars. This allows for several decades to become leaders in the global freight” – Azarov said.

The plant “Aviastar-SP” the restoration of the mass production of super-heavy aircraft “Ruslan”

July 21. (ARMS-TASS). At the Ulyanovsk plant “Aviastar-SP” the restoration of the mass production of super-heavy cargo aircraft AN-124 “Ruslan” was started. Head of Bureau of Plant Anatoly Tolstopyatov told to Itar-Tass at the Third International Industrial youth forum “Engineers of the Future 2013”.

AN-124 delivered T-90S tanks to Peru

AN-124  delivered T-90S tanks  to Peru

Military parity
Aboard the heavy transport aircraft An-124 “Ruslan” the main battle tank T-90 was delivered to Jorge Chavez International Airport (Lima) , the tank will be on display during the IV International Exhibition of Defence Technology and disaster prevention SITDEF-2013, according to May 10. The exhibition will be held May 15-19.

Then the tank will be transferred to the operational test and evaluation in the 18th Tank Brigade, stationed in Rimac. At the first stage, the T-90S will be tested for reliability and throughput (moving over rough terrain, on the highway at top speed, overcoming vertical  obstacles and ditches). The tank will shoot at targets located at a distance of 2500 m