Russia May Deliver Onboard Defense System President-S to Algeria, Egypt

International Aerospace Salon (MAKS 2015) opens near Moscow

According to reports, Russia may supply Algeria and Egypt with the onboard defense system President-S (ODS) used for military and civil aircraft.


Russia, Algeria to Expand Cooperation as Partnership Deepens: Minister

DUBAI . Russia may supply Algeria and Egypt with the onboard defense system President-S (ODS) used for military and civil aircraft, as pre-contract work on delivery is underway, the developer of the system said Monday.

ODS is designed to protect planes and helicopters from being hit by missiles, air defense and anti-aircraft artillery. The defense system is currently installed on Ka-52, Mi-28 and Mi-26 helicopters.

“A pre-contract work on the delivery of the onboard defense system President-S to Algeria and Egypt is ongoing,” Igor Nasenkov, the first deputy general director of the Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies (KRET), told RIA Novosti at the Dubai Airshow-2015.

ODS includes a control device, a radar warning receiver station, laser and missile attack warning stations, an air dispenser for aircraft consumables, settings for active radio-interference stations, as well as a laser optical-electronic suppression station.

The system allows automatic detection of a rocket launching in the vicinity and initiates passive and active interference in infra-red and radio frequencies, to disrupt a rocket’s targeting system.

The ODS system can be located inside an airframe fuselage or as an external unit on helicopters and fixed wing aircraft.

Russia will deliver 14 Mi-26T2 heavy helicopters to Algeria



Rostvertol (part of Russian Helicopters Holding Company) is implementing two contracts for delivery of upgraded Mi-26T2 heavy helicopters to Algeria, Interfax-AVN reports with reference to a source close to Russian military-industrial sector.

“The first contract includes delivery of six Mi-26T2 helicopters to the customer, the second one – 8 helicopters of the type,” the source explained.

He added that under the first contract the enterprise delivered the first two helicopters to Algeria this spring. “Two more vehicles of the type will be delivered this year, the rest two ones – in early 2016. After that implementation of the second contract will be started,” the source noted.

According to him, the contracts include not only deliveries of helicopters, but also personnel training.

“The second contract should be implemented in 2017. Thus, in two years Algeria will operate 14 Mi-26T2 helicopters,” the source said.

Modern Anti-Aircraft Missile System S-400 Sighted in Algeria

S-400 Triumf anti-aircraft system

The Algerian military blog ‘Secret Difa3’ published the first photos of the new air defense system of the Algerian armed forces, identified as the Russian S-400.

The exact type of the system was identified by the truck used to propel the missile. The chassis was manufactured by Bryansk Automobile Plant (exporter of the S-300PMU-2).

The blogger reported that the contract for the supply of S-400 in Algeria was signed a year ago. The proof of this delivery is a photograph of a BAZ-64022 truck with shelter tarpaulin launcher.

It is alleged that the photo was taken in the spring of 2015 during the test of the delivered weapons. The volume of deliveries, according to the author, was for 3-4 Regiments (6-8 divisions of 8 launchers each).

The S-400 ‘Triumph’ is a multi-channel anti-aircraft missile system equipped with several types of missiles of various ranges.

The system is capable of hitting all available means of aircraft, including airplanes, helicopters, drones, cruise missiles and tactical ballistic missiles with a maximum speed of 4,800 meters per second.

As the Russian military blog ‘bmpd’ wrote, in 2003 Algeria was armed with three regiments equipped with the S-300PMU-2 anti-aircraft missile system.

These systems are protecting almost the entire north of Algeria, Morocco and the coastal border.

The delivery of the S-400 air defense will not only strengthen the Algerian military but will also give additional capabilities to detect targets at long distance.

If the delivery is confirmed, Algeria will become the first foreign buyer of the S-400.

Algeria to get new subs in 2018


Russia’s Admiralty Shipyards will begin work on Algeria’s two new Project 636 Varshavyanka-class diesel-electric submarines this year and deliver them by 2018, according to the Interfax-AVN news agency, who reported a shipbuilding industry source as saying on 12 January.

Admiralty Shipyards director-general Alexandre Bouzakov confirmed in June 2014 that the company had a contract to build two submarines for a foreign customer that was identified by Russian media as Algeria.

The Algerian Navy already operates two Project 636 boats, which were delivered in 2010 and are based at Mers-el-Kébir in northwest Algeria along with two Project 877 submarines acquired in the 1980s

“Almaz-Antey” plans to open service centers in several countries, previously supplied with air defense systems

13/11/2014 TSAMTO

TSAMTO, November 12. Service center for air defense systems will be   opened in Algeria, Vietnam, India and Kazakhstan. On this, as the “RIA Novosti” reported,  at Airshow China 2014  the Deputy Director General for Foreign Trade of  Concern PVO “Almaz-Antey” Vyacheslav Dzirkaln said.

“I do not deny that we are consulting with Algeria. In addition, in the near future we will visit Vietnam, where there is already some elaboration. Establishment of service centers is advisable where there is a large amount of our technology. Based on this, we will certainly work with India and Kazakhstan “, –  RIA Novosti  quotes  fromV.Dzirkaln.

Chinese corvettes for Algeria

Chinese corvettes  for Algeria

On passing in the Malaysian capital Kuala Lumpur, the 14th International Defence Exhibition DSA-2014 (14th Defence Services Asia Exhibition and Conference), the Chinese foreign trade association China Shipbuilding Trading Corporation (CSTC) presented the model of ordered by Algeria the corvette project S28A
According to the presented model the corvette project S28A is armed with eight anti-ship missiles S- 802 , one eight-charged short-range SAM launcher FM-90N (HHQ- 7) , one 76 – mm gun mount universal H/PJ-26, two 30- mm seven-barreled antiaircraft complex type 730 , two 324- mm three-tube torpedo complex and provides the basing AgustaWestland Super Lynx helicopter in a hangar

Thanks to the ” Relicts ” the Algerian T-72 will be the most secure among all T-72 in the world

Thanks to the

03/14/2014 Herald of Mordovia

With a fleet of 325 T-72 , the Algerian command looks for a long time , with the help of whom they could upgrade their tanks. In the end, the choice was made for Russia .

Upgraded with the help of Nizhny Tagil the 250 T-72M1 got multichannel sight ” Sosna-U ” with thermal imager and automatic target tracker , the commander’s sight TKN- 4 , and remotely controlled anti-aircraft machine gun .

In addition, the options list includes new means of communication, elements of a complex optical-electronic suppression ” Blind ” and air conditioning.
And , apparently , Algeria will become the first country with tanks which receive a new dynamic protection generation ” Relic ” .