Russian New Yasen-Class Nuclear Subs Able to Carry All Sea-Based Cruise Missiles

The first multirole Yasen K-560 submarine, the Severodvinsk, by the pier of the Sevmash shipyard in Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk Region. file photo


According to the sub’s designer, Russia’s new Yasen-class nuclear submarines are able to fire all sea-based cruise missiles from the country’s arsenal.

SEVERODVINSK (Russia)– Russia’s new Yasen-class nuclear submarines are able to fire all sea-based cruise missiles from the country’s arsenal, the sub’s designer said Friday.A sixth Yasen-class submarine, the Perm, was laid down in Severodvinsk earlier today, with four more vessels of this class under construction.

“Yasen subs can be fitted with all types of cruise missiles that can be fired from submarines,” Vladimir Dorofeyev, the director general of the Malakhit Design Bureau, told RIA Novosti.