Sure Shot: T-72, T-90 to Get Armata Tank’s Electronic ‘Brain’ for Fast Targeting



Russian Military Technologies's photo.

October 19 – Russia’s T-72 and T-90 main battle tanks will be capable of destroying enemy armored vehicles with a single shot after they are equipped with the Armata tank’s ‘electronic brain’, according to the Russian newspaper Izvestia.
The newspaper Izvestia quoted a Russian Defense Ministry source as saying that the Russian main battle tanks T-72 and T-90 will soon be equipped with the automatic target tracking system and computer unit used in the advanced Russian tank T-14 Armata; it will enable the T-72 and the T-90 to destroy enemy armored vehicles with the first shot.
“We plan start to test the modernized T-72 and T-90 in the next few years,” the source said, citing the current tests of the Armata tank’s automatic target tracking system. The source also pointed to the fact that all the three tanks are equipped with the same Kalina fire control system, which will simplify the process of installing the Armata tank’s electronic brain in the T-72 and the T-90.
Izvestia also quoted military expert Alexey Khlopotov as saying that the use of the automatic target tracking system and the computer unit will help to significantly increase the efficiency of military hardware on the battlefield.
“The main advantage of such systems is a complete exclusion of the human factor from the targeting process, which is especially important in stressful combat conditions. Each and every shot is on target; [the targeting system] becomes absolutely precise and is conducted much faster than when guided manually,” he said.
Earlier this year, it was reported that Russia is planning to modernize its 150 T-72 main battle tanks to the T-72B3M version. The upgraded vehicles will be comparable to the more advanced T-90, but with much lower costs.
Currently, there are 500 T-90A and T-90AM tanks in service with the Russian Armed Forces. However, the bulk of the Ground Forces rely on Soviet-era T-72 and its numerous modifications.
Experts said that in order to upgrade its ground forces, Russia will modernize its ageing main battle tanks while working on the newest T-14 Armata. Russia will spend 2.5 billion rubles ($37 million) to upgrade 150 T-72Bs to the advanced B3M standard, Izvestia quoted Uralvagonzavod deputy director Alexey Zharich as saying in March 2016.

Old Dog Learns New Tricks: T-72 Gets Upgraded for Urban Combat

T-72 main battle tanks


A new modification of Russia’s T-72 main battle tank designed for urban warfare is scheduled to be unveiled at the Kazakhstan Defence Expo – 2016 (KADEX-2016) in Astana.

The new model of the iconic war machine is outfitted with a new thermal sight and improved fire control system.According to the press release issued by the Uralvagonzavod corporation, the new tank will be presented at the expo only on static display.

Another new weapon to be presented during the expo is a 57mm AU-220M artillery system mounted on a Barys armored vehicle developed by Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering.

“There’s no armored transport or infantry fighting vehicle in existence that could survive a direct hit from AU-220,” the company release states.

The corporation also announced that it intends to present the entire range of military hardware it manufactures, including the T-90MS main battle tank; BMPT and BMPT-72 combat support vehicles; TOS-1A Solntsepyok heavy flamethrower system; PTS-4 tracked amphibious transport; IMR-3M combat engineering vehicle and MTU-72 armored vehicle-launched bridge.

The KADEX-2016 military expo is scheduled to take place in the capital of Kazakhstan from June 2 until June 5, with over 300 arms manufacturers from all across the world expected to present their merchandise during the event.