Commander of the Black Sea Fleet opened the “Depth” international contest in Sevastopol

Commander of the Black Sea Fleet Admiral Alexander Vitko opened the “Depth” international contest in Sevastopol held in course of the International Army Games 2016.

The opening ceremony was held at the diving training area of the Joint training centre of the Russian Navy.

Teams of Russian Navy, Ministry of Emergency Situations, DOSAAF (Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy), Iran, and Venezuela are participating in the contest. Representative of the Military Attaché of India to Russia is taking part in the contest as an observer.

Participants of the contest are to compete in underwater orienting using the compass, providing first aid to a diver in emergency situation, searching and picking up sunk objects, underwater welding and cutting.

‘Russian Navy is Back’: French Lawmaker Impressed by Fleet Day in Sevastopol

The Black Sea Fleet servicemen during the final rehearsal of the naval parade to mark Russian Navy Day in Sevastopol


The parade held in Sevastopol on the occasion of the national Navy Day spotlighted Russia’s recovering naval capacities, Nicolas Dhuicq, member of the French parliamentary delegation currently visiting Crimea, told Sputnik on Sunday.

SEVASTOPOL — Over 20 warships, 10 support vessels and around 30 pieces of the Black Sea Fleet coastal forces’ equipment performed during the parade to commemorate the victories of Russian sailors.

“During Vladimir Putin‘s presidency, there was an increase in military spendings, so we see today that the Russian Navy is back. The are only a few oceanic navies in the world: the French, the British and the Russian,” Dhuicq said, adding that he was impressed by the new Admiral Grigorovich frigate demonstrated at the parade.

According to the French lawmaker, the parade highlighted the role of the Navy in the Russian people’s history, especially for Crimea.

“A parade was quite big and popular event that showed a special link between the Russian population and the Russian Navy because everyone remember bravery of Navy forces during the World War II, specially, in the Black Sea and Crimea,” Dhuicq said.

The Russian Navy Day is annually celebrated on the last Sunday of July. This year, the holiday marked several milestone events in Russia’s naval history, including the 320-year anniversary of the national Navy to be celebrated on October 30.