Russian Paratroopers to Hold Drills With Egypt, Serbia, India, Belarus

File Photo: Paratroopers from Serbia, Russia, Belarus hold drill in Krasnodar regionv


Russian paratroopers will participate in tactical training with the armed forces of Serbia, Egypt, India and Belarus in 2016, according to the paratrooper commander.

Russian paratroopers will participate in joint military exercises with Egypt, Serbia, India, and Belarus in 2016, Paratrooper Commander Col.-Gen. Vladimir Shamanov said Thursday.“In line with plans for international activities, our subunits will participate in tactical training with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Serbia, and in training with the Armed Forces of the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as joint training in peacekeeping and humanitarian mine clearing in the Republic of India, plus three exercises with the Special Forces from the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus,” Shamanov said at a briefing in Moscow.