Russian Scientists Working on Third Generation ‘Future Soldier’ Gear

The Russian army’s Ratnik uniform kit


According to the head of Russia’s Advanced Research Fund, Russian scientists are working on creating third generation “future soldier” equipment.

 Russian scientists are working on creating third generation “future soldier” equipment, or Ratnik-3, the head of Russia’s Advanced Research Fund told Sputnik.

“Work on the Ratnik-2 is carried out by the Defense Ministry, while we are working on, so to say, Ratnik-3,” Andrei Grigoriev said.

Railguns will be truly effective no sooner than in 50 years, and recent news on US railgun tests are likely related to the military budget process, the head of Russia’s Advanced Research Fund said.

“The issue of effective railgun use will probably take another 50 years to decide,” Andrei Grigoriev said.

“Work in this direction has been carried out for 50 years already and I wouldn’t react strongly to recent publications. I think that there is a usual struggle in the United States on the approval of the military budget, they need to showcase some sort of scientific and technological achievements,” he added.