Russia and Belarus held joint airborne drills in Brest

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October 24 – A joint tactical drill of Russian and Belarusian Airborne Troops has come to an end near the city of Brest, the Russian Defense Ministry reported.
During the exercise, servicemen practiced training and combat tasks and exchanged experience, the statement said.
The participants of the drills were given a number of complex tasks, including in adverse weather conditions and on unknown terrain.
Overall, the maneuvers involved over 900 personnel and some 150 items of hardware, aircraft of the Belarusian Air Force and air defense army aviation.

Russian Airborne units from Kostroma have performed landing operation in Belarus for the first time



Russian Airborne units from Kostroma have performed landing operation in Belarus for the first time in course of the joint Russian-Belarusian tactic exercise.

Several airborne groups of Russia and Belarus (about 250 men) landed on the “Sahara” landing pad.

Transport aviation crews of the Belarusian Air Force demonstrated high professionalism level in dropping the insert group on the restricted area in the border zone of the Union State.

After landing, the paratroopers of both countries moved to the assigned area in order to prepare for special activities in the responsibility zone.

Russian paratroopers hold nighttime firing drills in Egyptian desert

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MOSCOW, October 18. /TASS/. Russian airborne forces and Egyptian troops have held joint daytime and night firing drills at the Defenders of Friendship 2016 maneuvers, Russia’s Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.

“Today Russian airborne forces have for the first time left Egypt’s El-Umayed military base for the joint daytime and night firing drills using combat arms at the Alam el-Hadem practice range. The paratroopers from both countries held shooting practice, firing from automatic rifles and hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, demonstrating their skills. During the gunnery exercises, the servicemen of both countries accomplished more than 600 firing assignments and then hit over 800 targets at various distances,” the Defense Ministry said.

The Russian-Egyptian Defenders of Friendship anti-terror drills involve over 500 servicemen. During the wargames, the servicemen from both countries will be assigned the missions to liquidate illegal armed formations in the desert. The drills being held on the territory of Egypt will last through October 26. Representatives of more than 30 countries are observing the drills.

Russian paratroopers will insert onto the unknown area in course of the Russian-Belarusian exercise

Servicemen of the Airborne regiment located in Kostroma will perform a landing operation in the territory of the Republic of Belarus in course of the joint Russian-Belarusian exercise.

The landing operation will be held in the unknown area for the Russian paratroopers, which was called “Sahara” for unique terrain, which had been encircled by thick forest.

This area was called as “Sahara” for deep sand and complete absence of any growth.

The insert operation will be held by two ways: landing and parachuting.

Egypt, Iran, Venezuela Paratroopers to Airdrop Using Russian Parachutes



Egyptian, Iranian and Venezuelan paratroopers will use Russian parachutes for the first time during the Airborne Platoon 2016 contest, the Russian Defense Ministry said Monday.

 The parachuting championships involving military service personnel from Russia, Egypt, Iran, Venezuela, Belarus, Kazakhstan and China, are due to kick off in southwestern Russia on August 3.

“Teams from Iran, Egypt and Venezuela will use D-10 parachute systems, servicemen from Kazakhstan and Belarus will jump using D-6 parachutes, and their Chinese counterparts [will use] Sanbin-9 systems,” the Russian military said in a statement.

In the run-up to the contest, teams will make two descents each from Mi-8 helicopters flying over unfamiliar terrain at a height of more than 2,600 feet.

Russian and Belarusian paratroopers hold first planning conference on preparation for the joint exercise

Today, delegation of the Special Task Forces of the Belarusian Armed Forces has arrived in Russia.

Russian and Belarusian paratroopers are holding the first planning conference on preparation for the joint exercise with units of the Russian Airborne troops and Special Task Forces of the Belarusian Armed Forces.

The working meeting on planning the scenario of the exercise is taking place in the territory of the Tula Airborne formation.

Within 4 days, the delegation from Belarus will also visit Airborne training area and a landing site in the Ryazan Region.

Russian Paratroopers to Hold Drills With Egypt, Serbia, India, Belarus

File Photo: Paratroopers from Serbia, Russia, Belarus hold drill in Krasnodar regionv


Russian paratroopers will participate in tactical training with the armed forces of Serbia, Egypt, India and Belarus in 2016, according to the paratrooper commander.

Russian paratroopers will participate in joint military exercises with Egypt, Serbia, India, and Belarus in 2016, Paratrooper Commander Col.-Gen. Vladimir Shamanov said Thursday.“In line with plans for international activities, our subunits will participate in tactical training with the Armed Forces of the Republic of Serbia, and in training with the Armed Forces of the Arab Republic of Egypt, as well as joint training in peacekeeping and humanitarian mine clearing in the Republic of India, plus three exercises with the Special Forces from the Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus,” Shamanov said at a briefing in Moscow.