Selenga 2017, joint Russia-Mongolia exercise, will be held in Mongolia

Selenga 2017, joint Russia-Mongolia counter-terrorist exercise, will be held in Mongolia from the late August to the early September.

The number of forces involved in the exercise will be approved in course of the planning conferences, which are to take place in 2017.

In 2016, the Selenga exercise was held at the Burduny training complex on August 29-September 7.

Joint Russia-Mongolia force grouping performed joint tactic actions in course of the counter-terrorist operation.

The exercise is held annually starting from 2008. Russian and Mongolian military servicemen were practicing searching, blocking and eliminating simulated illegal armed formations in course of the exercise.

Russia, Mongolia troops hold first joint drill at Selenga 2016 exercise

© Yuri Smityuk/TASS/archive

MOSCOW, August 31. /TASS/. The first joint drill was held at the Burduny range (Russia’s Buryatia republic) on Wednesday within the framework of the Russian-Mongolian military exercise Selenga 2016, spokesman for the Russian Eastern Military District Colonel Alexander Gordeyev told TASS.

The exercises started on August 30 and will last until September 7. The manoeuvers involve some 1,000 troops and up to 200 units of military equipment on both sides. In particular, the drills involve a tank battalion, a motorized infantry company, a mortar battalion, howitzer self-propelled artillery and rocket batteries, air defense, reconnaissance and NBC protection units of Russia’s Eastern Military District. The Mongolian Armed Forces are represented in the exercise by motorized infantry companies with infantry combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers, a tank platoon, a mortar and a rocket battery.

The Russian-Mongolian Selenga manoeuvers are held annually since 2008. Before 2011, it was a tactical exercise with live firing that was called Darkhan, which means “Builder” in Mongolian. Last year, the exercise was held in Russia’s Trans-Baikal Territory. Then the drills participants practiced assault river crossing and tactical landing.