Russian SU-25SM attack aircraft returned to the airbase in Kirgizia after night combat firing over the Urals


Wing of modernized Su-25SM attack aircraft returned to the Kant Russian airbase located in Kirgizia after carrying out training flights over the Urals.

Pilots conducted 3.500 km flight from the Shagol airbase (Chelyabinsk Region) with an average speed of 750 km/h with 2 refuelings (in Novosibirsk and Karaganda)

During 2 weeks, Su-25 SM crews practiced rocket firing on land targets at day- and nighttime at the Safakulevo air range (Kurgan Region). The targets simulated illegal armed formations and columns of their automobile technologies on march.

The main flights aim is improving crews air training on the unfamiliar area.

Russian pilots also took part in the flypast on May 9 in Yekaterinburg. The parade wing flew over the centre of the city at the altitude of 250 m with the speed of 400 km/h.

Russian attack aircraft were projected to Tajikistan from Kant airbase to participate in joint exercise

A wing of Su-25SM attack aircraft carried out a flight to Tajikistan from the Kant airbase (Kirgizia) in order to participate in the joint exercise. Russian aircraft are to join aviation group based on the Ainy airfield (30 km far from Dushanbe).

The crews are to provide support to motorized rifle and Special Task units as well as to practice performing missile and bomb strikes on camps and storages of the simulated illegal armed groups in mountainous areas.

The joint exercise involves military control bodies of the Defence Ministry of Tajikistan and the Central MD, motorized rifle, tank and artillery units, Special Task Force as well as airborne assault and paratrooper groups.

Servicemen of two countries are to practice interaction while liquidating simulated illegal armed groups, their bases, storages and other facilities.