Rosoboronexport to showcase land forces equipment and air defense weapons

June 10 – At the International Land and Airland Defence and Security Exhibition Eurosatory 2016, to be held on 13 – 17 June, 2016 in Paris, Rosoboronexport (part of the Rostec State Corporation) will display Russian military hardware, as well as hold talks with the European partners.

“At Eurosatory, we traditionally present armored vehicles, missile and artillery systems, close assault weapons and ammunition, key air defense weapons, diverse engineer equipment as well as some helicopter models. This year we’ll focus also on a variety of counter-terrorism equipment and conduct presentation of our new project, “Integrated Security Systems,” said Igor Sevastyanov, Rosoboronexport Deputy Director General, who leads the joint Rostec-Rosoboronexport delegation.

Rosoboronexport expects keen interest in the various versions of the BMP-3 IFV, T-90S and T-90MS tanks, Smerch multiple rocket launch system, BTR-82A APC, SPM-2 GAZ-233136 special police vehicle, Pantsir-S1, Taor-M2KM and Buk-M2E SAM systems, Ka-52 and Mi-28NE attack helicopters.

During the exhibition, Rosoboronexport will hold scheduled talks with its European partners. The Company also expects to meet with delegations from Southeast Asia, the Middle East and North Africa and Latin America.

“Despite the tense geopolitical situation, we are in contact with our European partners, who are interested in developing cooperation with Russian industrial enterprises Our task is to keep track of events and be ready for any development of the situation. In addition, Eurosatory is an excellent platform for analysis of trends in the global arms market and contacts with delegations from all regions of the world,” said Igor Sevastyanov.

Rosoboronexport is the organizer of the Russian exposition. Russian exhibitors will also include NPO Splav, Kalashnikov Concern, Schwabe Holding and Proekt-Technika Corporation.

Rosoboronexport is the only state-owned arms trade company in the Russian Federation authorized to export the full range of military and dual-purpose products, technologies and services. It is a subsidiary of the Rostec Corporation. Founded on 4 November, 2000, now Rosoboronexport is one of the leading world arms exporters to the international market. Its share in Russia’s military exports exceeds 85 percent. Rosoboronexport cooperates with more than 700 enterprises and organizations in the Russian defence industrial complex. Russia maintains military technical cooperation with more than 70 countries around the world.

Secret Weapon: Russian Special Forces’ New Kalashnikov Rifle

Victor Kalashnikov, the son of Russian Mikhail Kalashnikov, the inventor of the famous assault rifle, shows off a model of his own pistol machinegun, the Bizon-2, which is to equip Russia's police force


The Russian company Kalashnikov offered a new rifle to the Presidential Security Service and the FSB.

Kalashnikov Concern, the largest arms manufacturer in Russia, designed a new “adaptive” rifle for the Presidential Security Service and the Federal Security Service (FSB).

The new rifle known as the AK-400 can be equipped with a scope of any type, a flashlight or a laser target marker. The rifle can also be adjusted depending on the shooter’s physiological parameters or the assigned task.

In terms of operational accuracy, the AK-400 surpasses the tried-and-true AK-47 as well as the newest AK-12 rifle.”The AK-400 rifle was first presented at the end of last year, at a meeting organized by the Presidential Security Service. Currently, the service is considering the purchase of the new rifle. There are several versions of the rifle for different gauges, including the old 7.62 mm gauge and the modern 5.45 mm,” an anonymous defense source told the Russian newspaper Izvestia.

According to the source, the AK-12 which was presented previously as part of the new combat gear Ratnik could not meet all requirements of the elite forces.

“The AK-12 is a weapon for infantry forces, airborne troops and reconnaissance units. But Special Ops forces need a rifle with the same accuracy but it should be lighter and more compact,” the source said.

First of all, the AK-400 is designed for the special ops unit of the Presidential Security Service and the FSB special units Alfa and Vympel.The new rifle has a length of 940 mm and a weight of three kilograms. It also has a new firing mode which allows firing three bullets at only one pull-off.

Unlike the AK-12, the AK-400 is equipped with a telescoping stock and the so-called Picatinny rails, a bracket that provides a standard mounting platform for various types of sights.

According to a source in Russian security services, with improved accuracy and usability, the new rifle would successfully replace the AK-47.


Russian Army Receives Vikhr-1 Guided Missiles From Kalashnikov Concern

Vikhr missiles


The Kalashnikov Concern delivered Vikhr-1 guided missiles to the Russian Armed Forces under a state defense procurement plan.

MOSCOW (Sputnik) — The Russian Armed Forces have received Vikhr-1 guided missiles worth about 13 billion rubles ($191 million) under the state defense procurement plan, Russian arms manufacturer Kalashnikov Concern said in a press release on Tuesday.

“Kalashnikov has successfully completed the delivery of Vikhr-1 guided missiles to the Russian Defense Ministry within the framework of the state defense procurement plan. The total cost of the state contract is about 13 billion rubles,” the press release reads.

Russia is currently implementing a large-scale rearmament program, announced in 2010, to modernize 70 percent of its military hardware by 2020. The total modernization program cost is estimated to reach about 20 trillion rubles.The Kalashnikov Concern was created in 2013 following the merger of two Soviet-era plants, Izhmash and Izhevsk Mechanical Plant, becoming Russia’s largest producer of rifles and other weaponry.

The Vikhr-1 guided missile can be used against armored vehicles and low-speed aerial targets. Its maximum range of fire is 10 kilometers.

The company sells civilian firearms and combat weapons in over 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.