Russian servicemen are in the lead of the competition “Elbrus ring”

At the end of the first stage of the International Army Games-2016 competition “Elbrus Ring” held in Kabardino-Balkaria on the base of the Training center Terskol, the Russian Armed Forces team took the lead.

Members of the five teams that represent Russia, China, Kazakhstan, Iran and Russian DOSAAF (Volunteer Society for Cooperation with the Army, Aviation, and Fleet) completed two special tasks: individual climbing and team climbing.

In individual climbing, the Russian team showed the best results scoring 1000 points. The china team achieved the second best result – 886 points, while the third place went to Kazakhstan that got 266 points.

In team climbing, the Russian servicemen also ended up being second to none. Winners of the second task, they earned 940 points and were followed by the Iranian team with 437 points and the Chinese team with 377 points.

After completing the two special tasks, the Russian team scored 1940 points, which put it ahead of the runner-up Chinese team by 677 points.

Opening ceremony of the international contest “Airborne platoon” was held in the suburbs of Novorossiysk

Today in the suburbs of Novorossiysk, the opening ceremony of the international competition “Airborne platoon” was held.

The flag of the ARMY-2016 competitions was raised in Rayevsky training area. Teams from Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt, Iran, Kazakhstan, China and Russia participated in the ceremony.

The contest is divided into four stages. At the first stage, the participants will have to land using D-10 4 series parachute systems, carry out a 10 km battle march and compete in an individual race on AFV (APC). The second stage is an AFV (APC) sprint, the third one includes an AFV (APC) pursuit race with afloat firing, the fourth one – a relay race on AFV (APC), a mountain (relay) race without crews, firing with small arms and grenade launchers, accurate grenade throwing and water area fording.

There are 29 servicemen in each team, including 7 members who are part of the reserve section.

Overall, there will be a grand total of 300 paratroopers from Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt, Iran, Kazakhstan, China and Russia. The winners will be made known on August 12.

Commander of the Black Sea Fleet opened the “Depth” international contest in Sevastopol

Commander of the Black Sea Fleet Admiral Alexander Vitko opened the “Depth” international contest in Sevastopol held in course of the International Army Games 2016.

The opening ceremony was held at the diving training area of the Joint training centre of the Russian Navy.

Teams of Russian Navy, Ministry of Emergency Situations, DOSAAF (Voluntary Association for Assistance to Army, Air Force and Navy), Iran, and Venezuela are participating in the contest. Representative of the Military Attaché of India to Russia is taking part in the contest as an observer.

Participants of the contest are to compete in underwater orienting using the compass, providing first aid to a diver in emergency situation, searching and picking up sunk objects, underwater welding and cutting.

More than 20 tons of aviation munitions to be fired during the “Aviadarts” international contest

More than 20 tons of aviation munitions are to be fired during the “Aviadarts” international contest. Organizers of the contest prepared more than 30 tons of heavy cargos for combat use of military transport aviation.

Pilots from Russia, China, Kazakhstan, and Belarus are competing for the title of the best in the competitions, which take place in the Ryazan Region on July 31 – August 10.

Pilots are to perform firing with aviation gun, launch rockets, and bomb ground targets, which imitate infrastructure objects, aviation, automobile and armored hardware of the simulated enemy.

Crews of military transport aircraft will compete in accuracy of dropping 7-ton cargos.

Russian tank crew showed the best time on the first day of the “Tank biathlon” contest

Russian tank crew showed the best time of the “Individual race” on the first day of the “Tank biathlon” contest.

Russian military servicemen overcame all obstacles for 23 min 18 sec.

The Indian crew headed by Sgt. Prabhu Thapa showed 25 min 02 sec. Tank crew from Kazakhstan commanded by Senior Lieutenant Zhanat Zhahin took the third place passing the route for 26 min 22 sec.

Iran Ready to Show Off Military Muscle at Int’l Army Games

International Army Games 2015 kick off


Contingents of the Iranian army, the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, Islamic Basij militia and police will take part in the International Army Games that kicked off in Russia and Kazakhstan on Saturday.

In an interview with Sputnik, Iranian Air Force Colonel Mehdi Ahmadi Afshar, the commander of the national armored vehicles team, described the Iranian squad as a “strong and high quality” outfit.

“We put together a strong and high quality team of regular army, IRGC, Basij soldiers as well as police officers to compete in Masters of Armed Vehicles, Tank Biathlon, Elbrus Ring, Clear Sky Air Defense and Depth Diving events to be held in various Russian cities. Our sharpshooters will also take part in the Sniper Frontier competitions in Kazakhstan,” he said

Colonel Afshar added that the Iranian team had undergone a six-month crash course honing their skill ahead of the prestigious contest.

He said that there had been a stringent selection of potential participants held in every service branches of the Iranian armed forces.

“This done, we worked at ranges and in classrooms and held a great number of friendly competitions under the watchful eye of professional referees.As for our prospects, well, it’s hard to say. All I can say is that, with God’s help, we will try our very best so that the Iranian people and our leaders are proud of our performance,” he added.

When asked about the importance of participation in the International Army Games, Colonel Afshar said that forums like this were meant to showcase the combat  readiness and might of the participating countries.

“The Iranian team is fully aware of this and accepts this challenge. We are also ready to share our combat experience with our colleagues. Forums like the International Army Games are a perfect place where you can and must learn many useful things.”

“We are ready to emulate various tactical and technical things from our partners from Russia and other countries, and get acquainted with the arms they use. We are looking forward to honest competition and fruitful cooperation with our colleagues here,” Colonel Mehdi Ahmadi Afshar said in conclusion.

The IAG, which started on Saturday, features competitions in 23 events. A total of 121 teams from 19 countries across the world are taking part in the Games monitored by observers from 11 countries.

The competitions include, among other events, tank biathlon, combat jet maneuvering, as well as contests for marine officers and divers, canine handlers and military medics.

The Games are set to run until August 13 with China, Belarus and Azerbaijan among the participants.

Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu to open International Army Games in the “Patriot” park

The Games will take place on July 30 – August 13 at 20 ranges, 19 are situated within the three Military Districts – Western, Southern and Central ones: from Siberia to Kaliningrad, from Saint-Petersburg to Sevastopol. Naval contests will take place in the Baltic, Black and Caspian Seas.

This year the competitions will take place on the territory of two countries – Russia and Kazakhstan.

In total, there are 23 contests in field, air and naval disciplines.

The International Army Games are to be participated by 121 teams from 19 countries, which represent Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. In total – about three thousand people. Another 11 foreign countries have sent their observers to the Games.