Syria: First Group of Civilians Leave Besieged Fua’a, Kafraya in Idlib

Syria: First Group of Civilians Leave Besieged Fua'a, Kafraya in Idlib

     (FNA)- The buses that had arrived in the towns of Fua’a and Kafraya in Idlib to evacuate the injured and patients left the towns for Aleppo this morning.

10 buses with 503 injured and patient civilians of Fua’a and Kafraya in Northern Idlib left the Western countryside of the two besieged towns, heading towards Aleppo city.

The evacuation of Fua’a and Kafraya comes in return for the relocation of militants from Aleppo to Idlib.

On Sunday, terrorists set fire at several buses that were going to the besieged towns of Fua’a and Kafraya in Northern Idlib to transfer the injured and patients to government-controlled regions, violating the Aleppo evacuation agreement with Damascus once again.

Before the start of the evacuation of the civlians in Idlib, the terrorist groups deployed in Northern Idlib attacked the convoy of buses as they were on their way to Fua’a and Kafraya and set them ablaze to prevent evacuation of the injured and patients.

The move by the terrorists came as tens of buses had also arrived at the militant-held regions of Eastern Aleppo to take them out of the city in return for the evacuation plan in Fua’a and Kafraya.

Reports also said that heavy infighting erupted between Fatah al-Sham Front (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) and Ahrar al-Sham near Fua’a and Kafraya. Several buses that were on their way towards Fua’a and Kafraya to take civilians out of the towns were burned in the infighting.

As their friends set the buses in Idlib on fire, the pockets of militants that are still in the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city and plan to evacuate the region are insisting on their rapid relocation from the war-hit city.

Elam al-Harbi news website that operates as the Syrian Armed Forces’ media center said the terrorists in Eastern Aleppo are preparing to set fire at their bases and arms depots, something which had also earlier been done by their comrades who left the city on Thursday and Friday.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov discussed in a phone call on Saturday with his Turkish and Iranian counterparts the situation in Syria following the operation to liberate Eastern Aleppo and reached an agreement to hold a meeting in the near future, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

During the conversation the ministers stressed the “importance of continuation of agreed efforts of the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to all people in need” as well as the need to promote a “transition to a comprehensive political settlement in Syria based on the UN Security Council Resolution 2254,” according to the statement, sputnik reported.

“On December 17, on the initiative of the Russian side a telephone conversation of Lavrov with the foreign ministers of Turkey and Iran was held. The ministers discussed the situation in Syria in the context of the liberation of the eastern part of Aleppo and the evacuation of civilians from the city as well as the objectives to alleviate the situation of civilians in other parts of the country,” the statement read.

They also agreed to hold a meeting in the near future, the statement read.