Russian Warships Arrive at Indian Port

Guided missile cruiser Varyag


A group of ships from the Russian Pacific Fleet has arrived at India’s main naval base to take part in the week-long Indra Navy-2015 drills, the fleet’s spokesman said on Saturday.

“The guided missile cruiser Varyag, the destroyer Bystry, a tanker and a rescue tug anchored at the Vishakhapatnam naval base of India’s eastern Naval Command,” Captain Roman Martov told RIA Novosti.

“The active phase of the Indra Navy-2015 exercises will take place in the Bay of Bengal from December 10 to December 12. The Russian and Indian fleets will be practicing joint actions at sea, including anti-submarine, anti-aircraft and anti-ship defense scenarios,” the spokesman added.The Indra Navy-2015 drill will wrap up on December 12 with a closing meeting on board India’s Sahyadri frigate and a ceremonial send-off for the Russian naval group at sea, Captain Martov said.

Russia and India have maintained a close partnership in military and technical cooperation for decades. The two countries have been conducting joint military drills annually since 2003.