Residents of Liberated Darayya Get Rid of Useless Rebel-Issued Passports


 Civilians get their belongings inspected by Syrian Army soldiers in Daraya before being evacuated, after reports of an agreement between rebels and Syria's army to evacuate civilians and rebel fighters from Moadamiya, in Damascus, Syria September 2, 2016

   Syrian soldiers patrolling the liberated city of Darayya recovered a number of makeshift passports that were previously issued by militants to the local populace and were later discarded during the evacuation

   Following the liberation of Darayya, local residents had to evacuate due to the fact that the militants booby-trapped many of the city buildings and roads which the Syrian army sappers started to clear last week.

   While sweeping the city for explosive devices, Syrian soldiers have discovered a number of so-called ‘internal passports’, which were issued by the militants during the occupation and were later discarded by the residents during the evacuation.

   Sputnik correspondents managed to photograph a pair of discarded ‘passports’ that used to belong to two female residents of Darayya. The IDs feature a design which differs from those of government-issued Syrian passports. Furthermore, it should be noted that the veracity of information contained in these makeshift IDs is suspect.

   During the Darayya occupation, the local militants publicly destroyed their Syrian passports as a sign of defiance against the Syrian government. After that, they started printing and issuing passports of their own making, not just for themselves but for local residents as well.

   The locals were forced to use these makeshift IDs because it was the only way to pass through militant checkpoints and to obtain goods and services in militant-held areas.

   After the liberation, however, the town residents started to get rid of their militant-issued passports, making it clear that they wanted nothing to do with members of the so called ‘armed opposition’, many of whom turn out to be foreign mercenaries, according to sources in the Syrian army.

   The city of Darayya, located on the outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus, was liberated in August after the militants holding it agreed to a truce and were allowed to evacuate the city along with civilians.