Russia Shows Belgian Ambassador Proof Belgian Jets Struck Village in Syria


 Lockheed Martin F-16,  Belgian Air Force


    Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has summoned Belgian Ambassador Alex Van Meuwen to present him with proof that the Royal Belgian Air Force took part in strikes at the Hassajek village near Aleppo, Syria.

   “On October 21, Belgian Ambassador Alex Van Meuwen was summoned to Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. During the meeting with the Ambassador, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Vladimir Titov said that it is puzzling that Belgium is continuing to pesistently deny the fact that the Royal Belgian Air Force performed a strike on the area near Aleppo on October 18, in consequence of which civilians died,” according to a statement issued on Friday.

     “The Belgian diplomat was presented with proof of the Royal Belgian Air Force’s involvement in the bombardment of the Hassajek village. It is stated that detailed information about technical aspects of the flight path of two F-16 jets was sent earlier to Belgium’s military attache in Moscow.”

   Earlier on Thursday, the Russian Defense Ministry released the detailed information about the airstrike on Hassajek, which had resulted in destruction of two houses and deaths of six people.

According to Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov, the aircraft that took off from Al-Azraq air base in Jordan have been immediately identified to be F-16, and their affiliation was established as that of the Belgian Air Force.

Russian, Syrian Radars Prove Belgian Jets Strike Syrian Village – Russian MoD



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    The Russian Defense Ministry said that Russian and Syrian radars proved that Belgian jets struck a Syrian village of Hassajek.

    The Russian Defense Ministry will unveil flight path details of the Belgian Air Force jets at the time of the deadly strike on a village near Aleppo in Syria, Ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said Thursday.

   “Russia has effective air defense means to maintain round the clock monitoring of the air situation over almost the entirety of Syria. Besides us, Syrian air defense systems that have been restored over the past year control airspace… Not to be unfounded, today we will present information about the flight route and the actions of the Belgian Air Force and US Air force aircraft in Syrian airspace on October 18,” Konashenkov said.

   The Russian center for Syrian reconciliation said it had received local reports of an airstrike by Belgian F-16 fighter jets on Kurdish positions in the village of Hassajek. Neither Russian, nor Syrian aircraft were in the area, while the Belgian defense minister dismissed claims of responsibility.