Russian Defence Minister General of the Army Sergei Shoigu to open International Army Games in the “Patriot” park

The Games will take place on July 30 – August 13 at 20 ranges, 19 are situated within the three Military Districts – Western, Southern and Central ones: from Siberia to Kaliningrad, from Saint-Petersburg to Sevastopol. Naval contests will take place in the Baltic, Black and Caspian Seas.

This year the competitions will take place on the territory of two countries – Russia and Kazakhstan.

In total, there are 23 contests in field, air and naval disciplines.

The International Army Games are to be participated by 121 teams from 19 countries, which represent Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. In total – about three thousand people. Another 11 foreign countries have sent their observers to the Games.

Participants of the “Airborne platoon” international contest visited Mikhail Kutuzov cruiser-museum in Novorossiysk

Teams-participants of the “Airborne platoon” international contest have arrived in Novorossiysk. Foreign military servicemen are holding trainings and familiarize with the route.

Distinguished guests visited Mikhail Kutuzov cruiser-museum in Novorossiysk and Malaya Zemlya memorial complex devoted to landing operation in 1943.

According to the Deputy Chief of combat training department of the Special Task Force of the Republic of Belarus Roman Gorlinko, all participants were welcomed warmly.

Tank crews of Chinese Armed Forces arrived in the Moscow Region to participate in the International Army Games 2016

Echelon with military hardware of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has arrived at the Taman motorized rifle brigade in order to participate in the “Tank biathlon” and “Suvorov attack” contests held within the International Army Games 2016.

Team of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army has delivered 5 tanks and 4 IFVs as well as munitions and materials for participation in the “Tank biathlon” and “Suvorov attack” contests.

T-72 tank is the main tank of the “Tank biathlon” contest. Team of China will operate its own tanks.

The Chinese team is the first one to arrive. The rest participants of these contests will arrive until the end of the week.

Draw procedure of the “Tank biathlon” and “Suvorov attack” contests is taking place at the press-center of the Alabino range on July 25.

The International Army Games 2016 are taking place at 20 training grounds of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Kazakhstan on July 30 – August 13. More than 130 teams from 20 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America will compete for the title of the best in 23 contests.  

Official website of the Russian Defence Ministry launches a special web portal devoted to the International Army Games – 2016

The new site contains complete information in Russian and English languages concerning the goals and missions of the competitions, the rules, participants, particularities of each of 23 contests of the International Army Games.

One of particularities of the section – interactive schemes of the tracks, obstacles and targets. They allow the users of the official website of the Russian Defence Ministry to get familiarized with the contests and their conditions before the start of the competitions.

The special section is an easy-to-use internet application with distinctive infographics including characteristics and combat capabilities of armament and military hardware, which is operated by participants of the Games.

Moreover, visitors of the Army Games website will also watch the most impressive and memorable photo reports on the first International Army Games, which had been held in August, 2015.

Interactive maps and information about location of the contest as well as geographical coordinates have also been posted on the website.

Information about intermediate results, contest and prize winners will be posted on the website during the International Army Games.

Besides the official website of the Russian Defence Ministry and its accounts in social networking services, the special website will also contain up-to-date information, photos and footages about each day of the competitions.

In the nearest future, French and Spanish versions of the special website devoted to the Games are to be launched.

International Army Games are competitions, which are to define the best military professionals of the Russian and foreign armies in 23 military disciplines at 20 training areas located in Russia and Kazakhstan in the course of two weeks.