Russia to render maximum assistance to Tajikistan by supplying arms — defense ministry

Russian servicemen take part in military drills at a Russian base in Tajikistan (archive)

DUSHANBE, February 3. /TASS/. Russia will provide all possible assistance to Tajikistan’s army by supplying weapons and military equipment, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov told Tajik Defense Minister Sherali Mirzo on Wednesday.  “Our Tajik friends and brothers are experiencing new challenges and threats, taking into account the problems emanating from Afghanistan. For us it is important to understand what is going on there, what you are doing, and, of course, to render maximum assistance to the armed forces of Tajikistan by supplying arms, military equipment and providing everything necessary to boost their combat readiness,” Antonov said. He noted that Tajikistan was a priority area for Russia for developing military and military-technical cooperation. “We proceed from the assumption that the better Tajikistan’s security is, the better Russia’s security is,” Antonov said. He also promised that Russia’s 201st military base located in Tajikistan would be used, if necessary, “for protecting the national integrity and sovereignty of Tajikistan and, of course, the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) as a whole.”.

Kazakhstan will supply weapons and military equipment to Jordan


Military drills in Jordan (archive)


ASTANA, January 26. /TASS/. Kazakhstan will supply military equipment and weapons to Jordan, the country’s Defense Ministry press service said on Tuesday Commenting on the results of the Kazakhstani defense minister’s visit to Jordan, the press service said: “The important result of the visit was signing the agreement between the governments of Kazakhstan and Hashimite Kingdom of Jordan on military and military-technical cooperation.” “The signed agreements will boost cooperation between the armed forces and defense industries of the two countries,” the defense ministry added. In particular, “an agreement was reached on purchasing Kazakhstani Arlan armored vehicles” assembled at the local plant of the Kazakhstan Paramount Engineering company that opened in Astana last year. The armored vehicle designed for remote firing and observation in all weather and lighting conditions, is capable of withstanding 50 kg of explosives in TNT equivalent from the side or 8kg and 14kg correspondingly under the vehicle and under wheels.  “Negotiations were also held on supplying other defense products – optical night vision and aiming devices, NSVS machine guns of 12.7mm caliber and weapon stations, three coordinated radars, communications systems and others,” the defense ministry said. “Despite the large distance between the two countries, great opportunities exist for development in economic and military-political cooperation,” the press service noted. Jordan also agreed to take part in the 4th International Exhibition of Weapons Systems and Military Equipment KADEX-2016 that will be held in the Kazakhstani capital on June 2-5.

Russia Sells $11.6 Bln in Weapons Since Start of 2015 – Kremlin Aide

Preparation of Interpolitex 2015, International Exhibition of Homeland Security


Russia has exported $11.6 billion worth of weaponry since the beginning of 2015.

Russia has exported $11.6 billion worth of weaponry since the beginning of 2015, while the current arms orders portfolio surpasses $57 billion, Vladimir Kozhin, Russian presidential aide on military-technical cooperation said Monday.”At this point we have already delivered some $11.6 billion worth of weaponry, and the deliveries continue,” Kozhin said.

The official added that the foreign orders portfolio has surpassed $57 billion and is expected to grow steadily.