Opening ceremony of the international contest “Airborne platoon” was held in the suburbs of Novorossiysk

Today in the suburbs of Novorossiysk, the opening ceremony of the international competition “Airborne platoon” was held.

The flag of the ARMY-2016 competitions was raised in Rayevsky training area. Teams from Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt, Iran, Kazakhstan, China and Russia participated in the ceremony.

The contest is divided into four stages. At the first stage, the participants will have to land using D-10 4 series parachute systems, carry out a 10 km battle march and compete in an individual race on AFV (APC). The second stage is an AFV (APC) sprint, the third one includes an AFV (APC) pursuit race with afloat firing, the fourth one – a relay race on AFV (APC), a mountain (relay) race without crews, firing with small arms and grenade launchers, accurate grenade throwing and water area fording.

There are 29 servicemen in each team, including 7 members who are part of the reserve section.

Overall, there will be a grand total of 300 paratroopers from Belarus, Venezuela, Egypt, Iran, Kazakhstan, China and Russia. The winners will be made known on August 12.