Russia to Review Afghanistan’s Arms Deliveries Request Reasonably

Mil Mi-35 Hind helicopters


According to Russia’s envoy, Moscow is considering arms deliveries to Afghanistan following Kabul’s requests to assist in boosting security in the country’s east.

  Russia regards Kabul’s new request for weapons deliveries thoughtfully to provide for security in the country’s eastern regions, but this is the task of the United States and its allies who are still located there, Russian Presidential Envoy on Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov said Monday.

“There have been requests already and they are being reviewed, but this will be done in stages, with thought and reason,” Kabulov told RIA Novosti.

Kabulov said that Russia has armed Afghanistan’s military “quite well,” but said that the United States should handle arms deliveries since “they’re there with their troops alongside NATO and this is their foremost task, especially in eastern Afghanistan.”

Afghan media reported over the weekend the Islamic State (IS or Daesh in Arabic) jihadist group has captured at least four east Afghan districts in a bid to establish a self-proclaimed caliphate. Up to 1,600 fighters were reported to have pledged allegiance to Daesh, a terrorist group outlawed in Russia.The US Department of Defense said it was “aware” of Daesh-affiliated militants’ presence in the central Asian country battling an insurgency from the Taliban.

Daesh and its regional affiliate Wilayat Khorasan are said to have gained momentum with the ending of a US-led NATO combat mission last year and a splintered Taliban.


India to Supply Afghanistan With Russian Helicopters to Fight Taliban

Russian Mi-24 helicopters


India will supply Afghanistan with four Russia-made attack helicopters within the next two months to help in its fight against the Taliban militant group, an Indian broadcaster cited its sources as saying.

The delivery of the Indian Air Force Mi-25 helicopter gunships was agreed during a visit by Afghan Deputy Foreign Minister Hekmat Khalil to New Delhi earlier this week, the NDTV television network said.India and Afghanistan have stepped up their security cooperation this year in light of increased militant activity.

Late September marked the largest advance by the Taliban in years, with militants seizing the provincial capital Kunduz after months of fighting with the Afghan army.