Russia NEVER Surrenders: 90 Russian Paratroopers Fought 2000 Jihadists in Battle For Height 776



True grit.

If you believe Hollywood, the only heroic battle the Russians have ever fought is Stalingrad — and it was just a minor event dwarfed by Tom Hanks and his superhuman liberation of Europe.

Here’s a bit of military history for you: 90 Russian paratroopers took on 2000+ jihadists led by a Saudi terrorist during the Second Chechen War. Only six Russians survived — but they vanquished no less than 500 “moderate rebels” (to use the Syrian term).

We’ll set the scene with a highly politicized Wiki entry:

In late February 2000, the Russian military attempted to surround and destroy a large Chechen separatist force (including many foreign fighters) withdrawing from the Chechen capital Grozny to Shatoy and Vedeno in the southern mountains of Chechnya following the 1999–2000 siege and capture of Grozny and the rebel main force’s breakout from the city earlier that month. On 29 February 2000, just hours after Russian Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev had assured his government that the Chechen War was over, an isolated Russian force composed mainly of a company of paratroopers of the 76th Airborne Division from the city of Pskov found itself cut off by a retreating Chechen column led by Ibn Al-Khattab, commander of foreign fighters in Chechnya. After heavy close-quarters overnight fighting, Russian positions on the hill were overrun and most of the soldiers were killed.


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If you enjoyed this video, here is an great article on the battle, although be mindful of the lackluster English.



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